a) page fault occurs 6. 2. c) Increment page fault ii) Else If current page is present in set, do nothing. We basically need to replace the page with minimum index. A page-hit access is defined as any read or write operation to an open page. An interrupt that occurs when a program requests data that is not currently in real memory. Else a) Find the page in the set that was least recently used. d) Update index of current page. Solution- Total number of references = 10 . c) Increment page faults. Page Faults/sec. (1) Also called a page hit.The retrieval of any item, like a page or a graphic, from a Web server.For example, when a visitor calls up a Web page with four graphics, that's five hits, one for the page and four for the graphics. b) Replace the found page with current page. That is, the bank containing the open page is already active and is immediately ready to service requests. What is the total number of page faults that will occur while processing the page reference string given below-4 , 7, 6, 1, 7, 6, 1, 2, 7, 2. Page faults are one of the most common problems with memory “A page fault occurs when a program requests an address on a page that is not in the current set of memory resident pages” [3] When a page fault is encountered, the program execution stops and is set to the Wait state. Effective access time is directly proportional to a) memory access time b)page-fault rate c) hit ratio d) none of the mentioned Answer b) page fault rate. Assume that there are 3 page frames which are initially empty. Calculate the number of page faults and page hits for the page replacement policies FIFO,Optimal &LRU for the given reference string 6,0,5,2,0,3,0,4,2,3,0,3,2,5,2,0,5,6,0,5(assuming 3 frame size) Follow via messages; Follow via email; Do not follow; written 2.6 years ago by Devika Rani Roy • 60 A page fault occurs when a program accesses a page that has been mapped in address space, but has not been loaded in the physical memory. We find it using index array. A page is a fixed length memory block used as a transferring unit between physical memory and an external storage. Also calculate the hit ratio and miss ratio. From here, Total number of page faults … Assume that all the page frames are initially empty. Made Easy Test Series:Operating System-Page Fault Consider a system using demand paging architecture it takes $3ms.$ to service page fault if either empty frame is available or replaced page is not to be modified takes $10ms.$ if replaced page is modified. For this reason, hits often aren't a good indication of Web traffic.

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