So with this in mind, join us on discovering 10 delicious things you can whiz up in the kitchen with your air fryer. Prepare to … Here are my top 10 surprising foods you can make in an air fryer, Lobster Tails . Mussels . 8. Fries. From: Say goodbye to patiently waiting for the oven to heat up while your hangry kids wait impatiently. If you weren’t sure if air fryers were awesome yet, try making these air fryer egg rolls and it will make you a believer. Chex Mix (This was one of the most requested recipes by my readers, I love challenges) Homemade Bread. Best of all, the air fryer is an incredible TIME SAVER! Here are the foods you should never try to air fry. It doesn’t turn that army green color broccoli has, and you can add some cheese on top of it or use it as a side to have with another main dish. It’s packed with fresh herbs and flavor and you can prepare it in the oven, on the stovetop, or with an air fryer! And it’s all so yummy. While you can turn most deep fried food recipes into air fryer versions, there are some foods that are just better made the classic way. 7. From: To make sure your items are cooking evenly, give the basket a few shakes during cooking.You can keep the air fryer running and just remove the basket without any problems. My grandmother’s Italian Cookies, these were a win on many fronts, mostly because my family agreed that they were better than my Grandmothers. You could fry any kind of potato, squash, or root vegetable to make your own fries. You can make crunchy, roasted broccoli in an air fryer to get that crispiness without loads of fat. Air Fryer Shrimp Egg Rolls. “What can you cook in an air fryer,” is a question that a lot of people ask At Least We Fried.Look below to find a few things you might cook in an air fryer that will help you feel more comfortable and confident when cooking healthy.. 1.

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