The Seymour Duncan Vintage STK-T3b is a noiseless pickup designed with Tele twang in mind. This is a hand wound pickup that uses Lilly Fralins signature Sectioning Technique. Overview: String from the back of the bridge (à la BFG), or string through the body...either way the Babicz FCH- Tele Humbucker bridge … Only 6 left in stock - order soon. This is not a super high-output screamer; you’ve got an even-tempered pickup that is warm and, of course, noise canceling. Tried it at the neck of my ‘Shop-Tar Tele’ and loved it very much ! So while you’re still pushing the amp really hard, there’s still an aspect of single-coil character in there somewhere – although turning the gain up with these pickups is irresistible, and that’s when the humbucker half of the pickup’s personality starts to take over. The blues well lets just say he was told in Detroit by a famous black Blues lady that she never heard a white boy play the blues like him before in her life.Everyone who he ever let play that Blonde 72 Tele with those older Bill Lawrence Humbuckers tried to buy it. KAISH Chrome Tele Bridge Tele Humbucker Guitar Bridge for Telecaster Guitar: Musical Instruments, Stage & Studio These pickups come in three different configurations. The second telecaster bridge on our list is a genuine Fender American Series Tele Bridge replacement piece. I can coax ANYthing out of that guitar. Also double wax potted to keep squeals to a minimum. This looks just like a regular single coil pickup but packs a little more punch. Metallor Vintage Style 6 Saddle Top Loader Bridge Compatible with Tele Telecaster Style Electric … This style also uses a bigger magnet for a brighter sound to balance the tone from the extra windings around the coil. There’s also a matching neck pickup to ensure volume balance in the guitar. Finally, Lindy has gone noiseless. The Fralin Split Blade is a bright sounding pickup carefully designed to provide plenty of the sparkle and twang that caused us to seek out the Tele in the first place. Changing the values of your tone pots that control this pickup can have a pronounced effect on it. I’m not sure if this is still the case, and if not, you can’t blame him; the guy is busy making some of the most popular replacement pickups out there. When you use SD pups, you know that area of your sound chain is covered. It features Alnico 5 pickups for a more responsive pickup and uses a stacked coil design. This takes your guitar well into rock and metal territory. There are several current models, or you can build your own here. This pickup also features four conductor leads wires for plenty of wiring options. Got lucky and had a Phat Cat left with me in the shop when I installed some original pickups into a vintage piece for a customer . They feature 42 gauge Plain Enamel Wire, which itself is becoming harder and harder to get, but it keeps the pickup authentic and guarantees tones as close to the original as possible. Seymour Duncan do several of these, all aimed at getting that classic Tele tone but with minor but important differences. Announcing the Eric Steckel Signature “Candy” Humbucker Set. The Fender Single N3 Noiseless Tele Bridge Pickup is a single coil sized humbucker (Noiseless) pickup invented by the company that invented the Telecaster. If your guitar was a cheap copy then that’s particularly likely. Great for hot country, blues, rock, hard rock and even metal. Which one is right for you depends mostly on your needs as well as taste. | Humbucker Soup, Crafting a KILLER Pedalboard With 7 Pedals. Bo/Rebel had a 72 Telecaster and around 1980 he had a set of the older Bill Lawrence Humbuckers put in her. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. These blades produce a more even string to string response and the magnetic field that they create has less strength full than traditional bar magnets. You can even use this bridge plate to change your single-coil bridge into a spiced-up, super punchy double-coil bridge, which will, in turn, produce a double-coiled humbucker … Some routing and drilling may be necessary if you plan on installing this bridge on a Fender type Telecaster guitar with an existing single coil pickup bridge. A hum-canceling Tele bridge pickup on steroids; not a drastically different tone, just seriously higher output than a vintage Tele bridge pickup. My brother R.I.P. Firstly, you need a new bridge plate, like these. It’s twangy when you need it but has a sweetness to the sound too. Unbeatable low to mid- gain tones with more versatility and sweeter voicing than anything, and I mean ANYTHING else I’ve ever tried. I suggest you head on over there for a description and some tone demos. Most of the pickups on this list are “Noiseless”, which means that they are humbucker pickups that are the size of single coil pickups. Where can we go from there? Lindy Fralin has long been known as the go-to guy when it comes to passive / vintage replacement pickups. The blade design helps a lot with drop-outs. The N3 features Alnico 5 magnets for more punch and response. He could play the blues like a beast, and he could play Southern Rock like no tomorrow,and he could play AC/DC to perfection. He had great tone.He really learned how to play lead live by being thrown into the fire at age 16.Well after about 3 to 4 yrs he was a very saught after lead guitar player.He could finger pick like Chet,he had good twang like his idol Haggard,he could bend the strings n turn the volume back up to get the steel guitar sound like Sturgil Simpsons guitar player does. They pretty much nail it here. Classic vintage Telecaster bridge pickup tone, but no 60-cycle hum or buzz. Wound using 43 gauge wire, these Telecaster bridge pickups come in three different configurations. The output is in the neighborhood of 6.6k (8,800 turns), using 42 gauge Plain Enamel wire. They are wound to 4.5k for a 20% hotter sound, or can be wound to 10k for a 25% hotter sound. | Humbucker Soup, What are the Best Blues Stratocaster Pickups? This version gets the closest to the vintage sound and still offers a plenty of twang and bite. I have had the pleasure of using Antiquities in one of my Tele’s, and everyone comments on how great that guitar sounds and how it really ‘cuts through’ and grabs the center. Don’t even bother trying out anything else, these are the ones. I’m wondering if anyone has some interesting wiring schemes using a four way switch with the Phat Cat at the neck and a lil 59er in the Tele bridge position . Vintage voiced, with emphasis on the high end. There is plenty of bite, but the high-end is not at all shrill or tinny. You can also choose to have your pickup slightly overwound with 2% over-stock (approx. Copyright © 2020 Seymour Duncan. The Seymour Duncan Hot Lead Stack STK-T2b is a high-output noiseless coil from Seymour Duncan. This solid Chrome bridge plate is based on a classic design for electric guitars, ensuring a perfect fit with minimal hassle or stress during installation. The physical construction is more like a P-90 in that a row of screws straddle two magnets. It does have an oddly consistent low hum at almost all times, but the ones I’ve used were older, so maybe they have upgraded it a bit. Vintage Telecaster bridge pickup sound with more attack. All rights reserved. $12.59 $ 12. The Fast Track features twin pole magnetic blades. Again, a matched neck pickup is available – and both can be tapped when you want to get that Tele character back again. For this we recommend a DPDT (double pole / double throw). It gives a dark, punchy sound that most listeners probably won’t guess is coming from a Tele. The two rows of flat-head screw pole-pieces allow you to really tweak the output vs string-put balance just right. The output is in the neighborhood of 9.5k , which is 10% hotter than stock and has a darker sound; 15% over-stock is available as well. The stacked coils most closely resemble single coil coils and have a similar response to the strings. The output is in the neighborhood of 7.3k , which is 5% hotter than stock and has a slightly darker sound; wound with 42 gauge Polynylon wire. If you’re just after a “true” Telecaster tone then you should be looking at a vintage-output pickup. I yet don’t have a Tele, but when I do get one, it’ll have quarter pounds. And secondly, you may well need to remove some wood from the guitar to allow the humbucker to fit in.

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