Best recipes for this tasty snack or side dish, plus tips from home cooks. The water-cornstarch bath, as well as frying the potatoes twice, are the secrets to crispy, golden brown, deep-fried sweet potato fries.Soaking the raw potato strips in an ice water bath at the start also helps to keep the potatoes from sticking to each other, and adds to their crispiness. Craving some ultra-crispy baked sweet potato fries to go with those ultra-crispy chicken nuggets we talked about on Monday?. If you've had trouble getting your sweet potato fries to crisp up, this recipe may become your favorite. Put 95g sweet potato, cut into fries, on a baking tray and mix with 1 tsp rapeseed oil and ¼ tsp cayenne pepper. I toss mine with just … When sweet potatoes really come into their own is when they’re cut into wedges and baked into crispy fries. Comments, questions and tips. Recipe from Good Food magazine, April 2016. STEP 3. Sweet potato fries are so good for you, we can hardly call them fries. Baked with a spicy coating these crispy sweet potato fries go with everything. What to Serve with Crispy Garlic Sweet Potato Fries: I love a good side of sweet potato fries next to my hamburger or sandwich. Plus, they’re a real favourite with the kids, so get them to help you make them, too. I knew that I needed to make these soon and enjoy them with my Spinach Feta Turkey Burgers or Melt in Your Mouth Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Sandwich.Make this a complete meal with these simple to make crispy garlic sweet potato fry recipe! Rate this recipe What is your star rating out of 5? HOW TO MAKE SWEET POTATO FRIES Easy, crispy sweet potato fries. I’ve been experimenting with a variety of different methods for making homemade sweet potato fries … This is a good sweet potato fries recipe but I would make a few adjustments: bake in a glass cake pan - they don't stick quite so much and clean up is a lot easier. Goes well with. Seasoned with paprika, these fries are spiced and sweet all at once, and far healthier than the shop-bought ones. Bake in the oven for 20 mins. This Baked Sweet Potato Fries recipe is legit-crispy, easy to make, perfectly seasoned, and guaranteed to disappear pretty much…immediately. Staff Picks Air Fryer Tajin® Sweet Potato Fries Tajin® with its chili-lime-salt flavor is a popular seasoning in Mexico.

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