#3 Stellaris Performance Issues, a lot of players are encountering performance issues in the game, the most common one is Stuttering but other users also reported Freezes and FPS Issues. How to fix Lags/ Stuttering issues in Stellaris PC? I want to help, but do not know what to do, which is where you guys come in. One of the goal behind the 2.0 patch overall was to free up performance bottleneck (Stellaris dev blog source). see it like this, i got 1 plate with 1 potato on it and 1 plate with 10, which one would be faster to eat, plate 1 or 2? The amount of lag and stutter froze me out of that game, and this morning's patch download has made it proper fast and responsive again . I know people are going to attack those with inferior computers that barely meet the min specs... but I could honestly play Stellaris on my shoddy old laptop, far below the current min with its integrated graphics card and I would get far better performance and manage to play complete games without any noticeable/irritating slowdown. My guess is that a sizeable portion of Stellaris players don't really play other games and/or are used to playing with subpar performance in games. Edit: Oh boy I stirred the pot now. Some people don't care too much about performance issues apparently, either they're playing on Slow/Normal speed or low framerate doesn't bother them. You can use swiftshader in case you are have low end rig. 97% Upvoted. This thread is archived. The latest test release patch has made my previous late-game save playable again. Just to clarify I am not trying to argue that stellaris doesnt have some large issues and room for improvement. During big battle, it drop to the 10-20fps and its basically unplayable, no more fun. We just need people who are willing to help and people with ideas to implement. This is like reading a book a hundred times and then declaring it boring and predictable. Mid/late game, when the game is paused, it run at 140FPS+ (vsync off), but as soon as i unpause, it drop to 30-40fps with a lot of stuttering. Seriously i like the game, but performance mid-late game make it unplayable. 25 comments. Press “Manage 3D settings” and then turn on “power management mode” in order to “prefer maximum performance” Open Task manager and set high priority to Stellaris PC. There are many tech savy people here who can help pinpoint issues, but even those who are not tech savy may be able to test performance mods, different settings or just plainly have telemetry software running in the background. The late-game performance issues are much, much better. I believe Stellaris uses MSAA which makes that setting mean for each pixel you see, you are doing much of the rendering for that many times - the purpose is to prevent jaggies on the screen when a line is drawn diagonally to the screen. Stellaris doesn't lack depth you've just overplayed it. This point is so over the top and petty. share. I tried every fix i found on the forum and nothing changed. Performance was much better in 1.9 well yeah 1.9 had less features compared to now. If you are good with lower settings, be sure to lower in-game settings. “I can’t play the game because of the stuttering, the graphic options for a pc exclusive game are just ridiculous. Navigate to Nvidia control panel. save hide report.

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