Sir Hammerlock. Valentine's of Crystal Polymorphism -Bittersweet Intermedio-, Rinascimento of the Unwavering Promise -Promised Rinascimento-, Altair of the Cyclic Coordinate -Time-leap Machine-, Altair of the Hyperbolic Plane -Beltrami Pseudosphere-, Altair of the Point at Infinity -Vega and Altair-, The Master of Ragnarok and Blesser of Einherjar. ... Sir Hammerlock. Grand Prix Final Free Skate, Gotta Super-Supercharge It!! Here are some picks to fill your Watchlist. Angel-tou Shoumetsu! J. Michael Tatum was born on May 25, 1976 in McKinney, Texas, USA as John Michael Tatum. At This Rate, You'll Have Zero Friends for All Eternity! Raigou Kourin no Kyoufu!! Itsumo soba ni ite kureta kimi ni?-, Tsuki toiu na no taiyou o koroshi ta otoko, Carol Realised There Was No End to This Story, Both the Life of an Immortal and a Mortal Are Equally Glorified, Firo and the Gandor Brothers Are Shot Down, Chane LaForet Is Silent Before the Two Mysterious People, Antwone Fisher (The Place Where You Go Home To), One Piece: Episode of Alabasta - The Desert Princess and the Pirates, Sure chigau kimochi de, omoi au kokoro de, For the Eternity of Our Bloodline, I Devote Everything of This Blood. Yuri vs Yuri! Bokura no desu shitii robo? x Kami Is Prostrating Himself Now lolol, Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor, What Happens When You Mindlessly Follow Someone Who Offers You an Idol Debut. dearimasu/Tamama fuuin tamamainpakuto dearimasu, Keroro shoutai watashi wo gatsu he tsure tette dearimasu, Momo hana kakusei! What Is Love? Blinding Light, Deafening Silence, and Then.. dearimasu, Fuyuki 198X boku tachino natsuyasumi dearimasu, Gekijouban Tsubasa kuronikuru: Torikago no kuni no himegumi, XxxHOLiC the Movie: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa, Tatakai no Shuuen! Eien no Shinyuu! Sir Hammerlock VOICE J Michael Tatum. The First Tenka'ichi Budoukai in a Long Time! Minami no niji no ni no shî! Nanatsu no umi no...! The Guards Are Kind of Stupid, Too! Dasshutsu e no Saigo no Nozomi. J. Michael Tatum was born on May 25, 1976 in McKinney, Texas, USA as John Michael Tatum. Voiced most times by J Michael Tatum. He is an actor and writer, known for, Competition: Win ‘My Hero Academia – Season Two, Part Two’ on DVD, Anime Giveaway – Win My Hero Academia Season Two, Part Two, My Hero Academia Season Two, Part Two on DVD and Blu-ray™ on June 11, Ouran High School Host Club (Bang Zoom!/Viz Redub), Wretchedly Adulterated Anime Live-Action Adaptations, Highest Rated Episodes of the Top 35 Animated TV Series, Borderlands 3 - Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Battle of Kimluck, Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest, The Grandchild, the Magic Gear, and the Engagement Party, Outbreak of War and a Joint Training Exercise, Shinjuku Ward Nocturnal Community Relations Division, The Ears of Sand and the Guts of a New Employee, The Dream Demon of the Haunted Apartment Block, Old Coyote and the Garden of Falling Stars, A Very Realistic Way of Dealing with a Problem. Sir Hammerlock VOICE J Michael Tatum. A Shattered Christmas! Voice Actors Characters TV Shows Movies Video Games Shorts Attractions Commercials. The Culprit Is Great Saiyaman? Video Game: Borderlands 3 Franchise: Borderlands. Luffy's Vow to His Friends, New Initial D the Movie: Legend 1 - Awakening, Distraction! Kiseki no Chabudaigaeshi. Takeshi ka shura ka. Tenkai ni ikari no Masenkô. And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? Songs Change with Hinas, and Hinas Change with Song, The Silver Grizzly -There is No Love Like a Child's. Ashura Kakusei. The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis - Encounter, Laughing Under the Clouds Gaiden 2: Shukumei, Soutou no Fuuma, I Should Not Forget My Promise to the Ayakashi, I Took a Trip to the Capital of the Hidden Realm, June - We're Counting on You from Now On, Too, April - Because You're Our Comrade in This Citadel, Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, Desperate Fight in the Macro Zone - Part 2, Desperate Fight in the Macro Zone - Part 1, Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series, In Like a Dragon, Out Like a Snake Part 2. Sekai no iki tsuku hate he? Videl's Introduction to Flight, Run, No. I Thought We Couldn't Play Net Games at School? To the DarkSky -Calling the Dead (Tama Night Crawling)-, The Reason Super High School-Level Bad Luck Attracted Super High School-Level Murder, Super High School-Level Execution and Super High School-Level Despair, Steins Gate the Movie: Load Region of Déjà vu, Tomoe Becomes A Familiar/The God Goes To A Mixer, Release Yourself - The Pied Piper of Hamelin, Code Geass: Akito the Exiled - The Wyvern Arrives, Stick with It, Natto Okra Rice Bowl with Chinese Topping Bento - 440kcal, Pokémon the Movie: Black - Victini and Reshiram, Pokémon the Movie: White - Victini and Zekrom, Heaven's Lost Property the Movie: The Angeloid of Clockwork, The Golden Thread Cuts Through the Brief Moment, Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley, Okami-san and the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Ookami-san and Little Red Riding Hood, Oh, and Ryoushi-kun, Ookami-san Goes Oni-Slaying with Momo-chan-senpai, Eden of the East the Movie II: Paradise Lost, Eden of the East the Movie I: The King of Eden, City Under Crackdown, Moist with Tears Part 1, The White Dress, Stained with the Girl's Dreams and Blood Part 1, Arakajime ushinawareta michinori o sagashite, Tower of Druaga Part 2: The Sword of Uruk. J. Michael Tatum, Actor: Kuroshitsuji. The Pride Troopers! Grand Prix Final Short Program. Sir Hammerlock. It's a Festival X How Did It Come to This?! J Michael Tatum is the voice of Sir Hammerlock in Borderlands 3. Shinden ni nemuru chô shinzui, Pikkoro to chokusetsu taiketsu! Detective Conan: The Phantom of Baker Street, Historical Play Performer Murder Case: Part 1, Chô kageki ni shôbu da!! Tenshi no Todoita Love Song, Giant Jack o Taose! Incarnations View all 3 versions of Sir Hammerlock on BTVA. ... Sir Hammerlock. The Horror!! The Emperor's Sexual Harassment. Fushigi na shima no yâkumo! Video Game: Borderlands 2 Franchise: Borderlands. Gotta Super-Super-Supercharge It! Titan Junior High School, The Life of the Great Man, the Awesome Me. Rostelecom Cup, Free Skate, Yuri vs Yuri! Gohan's the Teacher! Missing Link of the Annihilator: Absolute Zero, Nisen-nengo no Kimi e: Shiganshina Kanraku (1), Rurouni Kenshin Part III: The Legend Ends, October 2011: J. Michael Tatum and Tips for Buying a Wig, One Piece Episode of East Blue: Luffy to 4-nin no Nakama no Daiboken. Looking for some great streaming picks?

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