Join now. That is why U is always taken as negative. Log in. Join now. Distances measured along the direction of the incident ray are positive. T he linear magnification produced by a mirror is equal to the ratio of the image distance to the object distance, with a minus sign Practice Questions Find the size, nature and position of image formed when an object of size 1 cm is placed at a distance of 15 cm from a concave mirror of focal length 10 cm. The distance measured opposite the direction of … The sign conventions for the given quantities in the mirror equation and magnification equations are as follows: f is + if the mirror is a concave mirror; f is - if the mirror is a convex mirror; d i is + if the image is a real image and located on the object's side of the mirror. Sign convention for concave mirror Get the answers you need, now! 1. Ask your question. svr098 svr098 13.02.2018 Physics Secondary School Sign convention for concave mirror 1 See answer svr098 is waiting for your help. See according to the New Cartesian Sign convention U i.e., the object distance is always in the left hand side of the lens or mirror i.e., to -X side. 1. Sign conventions for spherical mirrors & Image Formation in Concave Mirror From p, the distance in the direction of incident ray, the measurement is taken positive. Add your answer and earn points. The +/- Sign Conventions. We can find image position, its nature, and its size using Ray Diagrams. The difference is that the distances are measured from the optical centre. Since, the centre of curvature and focus lies behind the convex mirror, so sign of radius of curvature and focal length are taken as + (positive) in the case of convex mirror. Sign Convention for Spherical Mirrors (Concave and Convex Mirrors) Distances are to be measured from the pole (vertex) of the mirror marked by point V in the figure. Since, object is always placed in front of the mirror hence the sign of object is taken as negative. For a Concave Mirror, an object can be placed at any position so that image is created at different - different positions. Sign convention for spherical lenses. According to the sign convention, the focal length of a convex lens is positive and that of a concave lens is negative. From p, the distance opposite to incidence ray is measured in negative. The new Cartesian sign convention is same as that for spherical mirrors. For focal length, f in lens is always taken as negative for concave and positive for convex. To get an image of an object we need at least two rays coming from the object to meet somewhere. Log in.

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