A great buy for me and i will continue to use them as my main live guitar mics. None of my two 609s has a high end like the original review mentions. that's easy with a little EQ boost. The took EQ well and didn't really need much...but the source will determine the quality of reproduction far more than any mic ever will ( and if you disagree then i am sorry for that means you fall into that classification of persons that think gear outweighs the source) also used the normal amount of gain at the preamp. This means that it picks up lower frequency sounds and higher frequency sounds with the same precision as other frequencies. So, if you have some of them laying around and don't use them because you think they are a handfull. I have an SM-57 that mutilates my tone and requires hours of post recording EQ work just to sound marginal, regardless of what placement I use. I can get a better sound out of my snare using a cheap, low end CAD mic. I disagree with the original review, i find the positioning of this mic is quite simple and it sounds better than an sm57 in most applications. Many people are comparing them to sm57s. While this microphone does need to be Hello all. Also I thought you would enjoy a side review so here it is! I figured, at that price, I could afford for it to suck (not that I think it will) heh I guess I'm fortunate enough to have a friend in sales that gets me very good prices on new gear (I'm picking up my $70.00 Audix I5 on Saturday!) The only mic I currently own.. A/B'd against a friends sm 57, 57 was a truer reproduction of the sound of my guitar amp.. e609 was less pronounced in the mids, maybe better for other instruments (my guitar sound is mid-rangey jazz).. I've never experienced the "fizz" Loon talks about, but then again high spl is not a factor in my case. You'll notice the e609 sounds more like a condenser on the high end response. The mic works on toms, but still there is much left to be desired from this mic. They can also be hand held for small things like nature recording, sound design or sampling, but may require stands or clips for snare, toms, or even Over Heads! It features a wide range of features that give it a nearly unmatched sound quality including a supercardioid polar pattern and a frequency response of 40 Hz to 15 k Hz. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. But it can really be a good addition to a mic arsenal. I find the black model more suited for fizzy guitars as the top end is smoother. You can simply hang it over your amp and either tie it down with railroad tie or simply duct tape that bad boy! Try it! They both are music technology majors (behind the scene people) and love the mic. Instead, you can drape the mic over the guitar cab. I was amazed. Sennheiser wins. For a live set up, its a different story. For live situations, a piece of gaffters tape is a lot less to carry than an extra stand plus it's harder to bump into. Today I got it out and threw it on my kick drum. Hum compensating coil helps to reduce electrical interference, making for a quiet mic. It also provides a tight polar pattern that doesn’t pick up sound to the sides of the microphone, making it harder for ambient noises and other instruments to be heard. I promise you'll love the result you achieve! It's not as cheap as some, it's cheaper than others. No matter what the source I have found the the e609 to be crushed by it's competitor. This takes This makes for simple setup and easy use. For my use its been solid. A SM57 sounds clearer, fuller, and much more detailed. More recently tried these further back from the grill and liked the tone just fine. It has a tighter pickup pattern in front of the mic and a little bit of pickup directly behind the mic. The e609 has slightly higher mid range response and a better humbucking quality to it, but the SM57 captures a large range of frequencies, particularly for cleaner guitar sounds, i.e., makes the sound a little fuller.. Use it for low end instruments like trombone, tuba, or even bassoon! The Sennheiser E609 is rather small at 2 inches (5.08 cm) in diameter and 5.2 inches (13.21 cm) in length. All in all, with the Sennheiser E609, you are going to get a good, clear sound out of it. When micing a guitar cab, the e609 has too much fizz and hiss which is, in some cases, unusable or will take hours to get to fit in a mix. Using a Fender Blues Jr amp, I compared the tonal response between the e609 and a Shure SM57. This means it works by sound waves hitting a diaphragm attached to a coil of very fine wire. Sorry, Posts you requested could not be found... You have a lot of options when it comes to a microphone for your guitar cab. This generates a small electrical current that corresponds to the sound waves. Where a SM57 works great is on bands where guitar needs to be edgy, raw sounding. Need more edge? The rugged workhorse with a practical shape. A SM57 sounds clearer, fuller, and much more detailed. computer. Let me know your thoughts and send some wav files of your comparison results to me at [email protected] The Sennheiser E609 is also made with a supercardioid polar pattern. I have tons of condensers and ribbons but for some reason I wanted a dynamic. I put it right up against the speaker and it comes out great most of the time (of course depending on the amp, guitar, player, etc). Put it in front of a source. I might not have as round a low end as the 57, but again that suits my use. This means the set up is a little different from a standard microphone. Right out of the box with only minimal care about placement, I got useful tones with a nice, tight low end, and a tamed high end with less fizz. If you wanna try something new on a cab, instead of a 57, try one of these. or beef? It's not super exciting or big sounding, but you don't have to carve out the low mids like with other mics. getting for your gear. Try using an e609, an sm57 and a large diaphragm condenser on your snares, OVHs, and guitar amps and compare the three. The Sennheiser E609 is made to be a guitar cabinet microphone. Dynamic or Condenser Microphones, Side address design makes for an easy set up when hanging the. The best feature is you can drape it over the guitar cab and simply gaff the cable and it stays in its place. the e609s older brother the 409 andSm57s have been used on rock, blues, punk, scr-emo, and many other vocalist of many other genres that needed studio quality recordings of vocals with high SPL levels. I've recorded a bit with them, not always the right sound, but not bad, lots of punch, crunch; the 57 mid bump on steroids. with its built in 5 turn bass roll of switch you can switch between M (More Bass) to S (Less Bass). A 10-year factory warranty protects your mic from any damage for the first 10 years of owning it. I don't own a dedicated dynamic kick mic (like a D112) but I have to say this thing did a pretty darn good job! Seems like a great mic and might suit some instruments better than the 57 but for guitar, at least my sound, the 57 did a better job. I like to blend this with some other mics when the amp works. I've had this mic for about 4 years, maybe used it once then put it away for good. I sold 3 and kept one but like I said, it hardly gets used but if you need another mic for your locker - its a decent buy. Its a good mic to pair with a LDC or 57 but not on its own. Enter the Sennheiser e609. The standout feature here is definitely the ability to use the mic without a stand. Thanks for reading guys! Setting up is also a breeze thanks to this no clip design. Top Microphones has got you covered for reviews and news. Iya Records. In fact they told me about this mic and how great they were when they used them in college when setting up for the stage performances. I still am. 57's have their place too, but for clean I think the 609 is the modern choice, at least for live. On snare, the sound is simply bad. No, its not a 57. require phantom power, giving you one less thing to worry about The Sennheiser e609 is a great dynamic mic for recording guitar amps both in a studio and live setting, as I have used it in both. This mic is flawed sonically and physically compared to other mics. This is not a bad mic at all, but don´t expect to sound as your typical all purpose dynamic mic. The Sennheiser E609 is an excellent guitar cab microphone.

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