However, lemon hummus has the perfect level of sourness. But that's kinda what Olive Tapenade does. So if you're one of those people who DOES NOT like to keep your additives and your hummus separated like kids on a middle-school dance floor, you're going to have a tough time blending this ish together. The only downside is that this one looks kinda gross, like somebody plopped a handful of soil into the middle of the hummus. It keeps the savory hummus taste, but has the perfect amount of sweetness in each bite. Also, actually, Vince Vaughn sucks. Hummus has become hugely popular in North America in the last few years, with Sabra being the most popular brand and rightly so: it’s very tasty and available in the deli section of most supermarkets. Live a little. However, for as long as I can remember, olives have been one of my favorite snacks. Sabra Hummus Dip starts with fresh chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans), tahini and a touch of garlic. Something about sun-dried tomatoes just screams "mid-life crisis." Hummesons?) It's probably due to the green/red peppers in there. This doesn't have that. To be honest, I could not taste the spinach and artichoke flavor in the hummus at all. Come on. Tip: if you are like me and you eat way more hummus than the average human being, try dipping sliced pepper, celery, or carrot sticks into the hummus as opposed to pita bread/chips. I am not too convinced. Close Save. This is tasty, but it makes your breath smell even worse than most garlic things for some reason. Imagine squeezing some ketchup into a container of hummus and then mixing it together… that is how I can best describe this flavor. 11. Hummus. And the worst vegetables at that. You've got what food marketers would call a medley of Tuscan herbs and garden vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, peppers, and spinach among them)… and yeah, it tastes like a sentimental journey through the heart of one of Italy's most beautiful and life-changing regions. That's generally good life advice, right? It makes me think of this Robert Johnson song. It is rare that a day goes by without me enjoying the savory chickpea spread. Oh wait, yes it is. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. But not all Sabra is created equal. I don't know why, I can't explain it. In case you have not shopped for hummus lately, I will let you know that there are more flavors than I can test (without exceeding my already excessive daily hummus quota). The artichoke’s salty taste combined with the spinach is a culinary hit time after time. So yeah. There are plenty of other options I would rather devour. At least as classy as ⅖ of the actors who have played James Bond. But you know what they say: The person who finished dead-last in medical school is still a doctor. You tryna be tricky? You get big bursts of spicy. But 90% of all these flavors are just the Classic anyway, but with a little bit extra in the middle. Speaking of pesto, this basil pesto number was a major dark horse in these rankings. Anyway, this tastes good but it's not my favorite. I know, I know -- vegetables. Why did Chipotle come in as the top dog of grocery store hummus? That email doesn't look right. You can thank us later when you don't ruin your Super Bowl party with Olive Tapenade. The little pine nuts -- bless their proverbial souls -- have a weird texture and overall come off as a little bland (kind of like me in high school). It’s almost the best Sabra But the citrus tastes a little… off? Sabra’s version of Red Pepper Hummus is no disappointment. Then we blend it smooth and add bold flavors; perfect for … Here's the thing: It's pretty hard to mess this hummus up. Fresh lemons forever. It's not in the top 10. Garlic makes everything taste better, and hummus is no exception. When I took a bite of the hummus on a celery stick, I was disappointed- the pesto flavor was not as powerful as I had hoped. But 90% of all these flavors are just the Classic anyway, but with a little bit extra in the middle.

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