So only the attribute in rare supply contribute status. The arbitrariness may be seen from the fact that some men lose vigour long before their retirement while others remain mentally vigorous long afterwards. Thus it may be said that a person may hold a position of high prestige but may enjoy little esteem or to put it otherwise two persons working on a similar job may hold equal prestige but may differ in the esteem enjoyed by them. It may also be emphasized that status and role are closely related. A status is a position. Status system is necessary in the specialization of functions, and in the co-ordination of the specialized functions of a community. A low caste person might be very good at winning … However, a comparative study of the roles, assigned to men and women, shows that biological differences speak little for ascription of status. There is no clear physiological line though however a retirement age is prescribed which an arbitrary one is. In addition, there are role conflicts involving two or more individuals who are authorised to perform the same or highly similar functions in the same situation, as when the State Government and Central Government authorities disagree on who has the jurisdiction to maintain peace in a particular case. Anybody who holds that position enjoys the prestige that goes with the office of the Deputy Commissioner. Sometimes the distinction awarded is posthumous. Social stratification is a necessary phenomenon in society. The transition from infancy to childhood is a smooth one and is seldom socially stressed. all fit in with bearing and rearing children. Similarly, the city has enabled people to be selected for particular positions according to their manifest achievements. Under the necessity of reorganising our social structure to meet the demands of a new technology and of a spatial mobility, our system of statuses and roles is breaking down; while a new system, compatible with actual conditions of modern life has not yet emerged. As such, stratification is the relative social position of persons within a social group, category, geographic region, or social unit. Gender is the most potent significant and enormously useful analytical concept used by the feminists. ADVERTISEMENTS: Role and Status of Social Stratification! Likewise the bases of social evaluations may vary from society to society and from time to time within the same society. According to Ginsberg, status is a position and a role is the manner in which that poison is supposed to be filled. Sometimes, purely social factors are used as a basis for ascription. If the society does not do so and allow its members to change their status according to their talents and efforts it will drive exceptional persons into illicit channels. Status, which a social class or an individual enjoys, depends upon the social evaluations whereby the community regards certain attributes or characteristics more or less valuable than the other ones. Esteem is thus always related to the expectations of a position whereas prestige is attached to the position as such. Forced to carry the parasitic embryo in her body for an extended time she is limited as to what she can do. Those persons who work hard and are intelligent move up in the social ladder. There may be a society in which status is ascribed while in another society the status may be achieved. It may, however, lead him to misperceive his place and the place of others in the social hierarchy. But In the present-day society the rights of superiority and respect are deteriorating as the modern family has become an individualized unit and is no longer united in a common economic endeavour. But when social change occurs, it has to utilise and recognise these gifts. It would give fillip to their capacity and prevent incompetents from filling the high positions only on the basis of ascribed status. Marriage generally follows upon this change. Thus the status of a Deputy Commissioner is said to be high. As a father he is neglectful of his children and does not carry out the requirements of his position, but as a doctor he gives most of his time to his profession and does well. Mobility: The system of achieved status also provides an opportunity for upward and downward mobility. Though in our society the statuses assigned to women have changed greatly yet it is doubtful if the ascription of status according to sex will ever disappear from society. The dead also are given a status in society. In the developing nations of Asia and Africa this shift is taking place. Thus, societies living under new or changing conditions are usually characterized by achievable statuses and broad delimitations of the competition for them. Since a role is a set of expectations, it, therefore, implies that one role cannot be defined without referring To Another. According to Green, “A status is a position in a social group or grouping, in relation to other positions held by other individuals in the group or grouping.” According to H. T. Mazumdar, “Status means the location of the individual within the group, his place in the social network of reciprocal obligations and privileges, rights and duties.” Thus an individual of high status is greeted with respect and enjoys great prestige in society. I. The Functionalist Theory Of Social Stratification 1313 Words | 6 Pages. Social stratification refers to the way people are ranked and ordered in society. To summarise, the causes of role conflict are: (i) Culture heterogeneity and complexity of the social system; (ii) Different roles of an individual in different groups; (iii) The possibility of confusion over the appropriateness of a case; (iv) When two or more persons are authorised to perform same: functions; (v) When the functions are below the status of the individual; (vi) Differences in the expected behaviours from the person assigned a role and. A group of persons who is superior in such investments as seniority and knowledge will feel dissatisfied if another group of persons inferior in seniority and knowledge gets better rewards such, as pay and autonomy. Only such costs which assist in the realization of the values of the group and that are not incurred by everyone, bring in distinction. In this sense, roles are but a series of rights and duties, that is, they represent reciprocal relations among individuals. But in a complex and heterogeneous social system as ours the role conflicts have increased leading to more and more group tensions.

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