The Journal of Computational Electronics brings together research on the full spectrum of modeling and simulation of modern electronics. Quantum computing, which exploits the entanglement of particles that so infuriated Einstein (“spooky action at a distance”), is not a receding mirage like cold fusion, feasible in theory but not in prac­tice. Journal of Computational Electronics. There are loads of different quantum computing journals, so you might want to be more specific about what you're looking for. While in a binary system, each bit can hold one piece of information (1 or 0), with a quantum system, each qubit can reflect a wide variety of states . Its promise for orders of magnitude advances in cryptanalysis, … Quantum Computing Journals. The section covers the studies of quantum systems used for information acquisition, storage and processing and application of the results of these studies to the engineering area. The novel method of computing we’ve discovered is quantum computing (Q-computing). It is already with us as Google, IBM, IonQ, Rigetti, and Honey­well have assembled working specimens of suitably otherworldly appearance. Research into quantum physics applications such as computing, communications, simulation and sensing is moving at a frantic pace. “I think I can safely say that NOBODY understands quantum mechanics.” - Physicist Richard Feynman, winner of the 1965 Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking theory of quantum electrodynamics. Quantum Computing is a Section of Frontiers in Physics and Frontiers in Computer Science that aims to foster the investigation of the quantum model of computation and its physical implementations. In quantum computing, we refer to 1’s and 0’s as spin up and spin down states, with spin down representing the point of lowest energy. It addresses optical, electronic, mechanical, and quantum mechanical aspects of … [3] Transactions on Quantum Computing (published by the Association for Computing Machinery). However, the vast majority of papers (certainly theory, perhaps a bit less so the experiments) appear as preprints on the arXiv, specifically the quant-ph section.The majority of papers, all in one place, collectively searchable, and free to read. Featured Journals.

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