Growing up I have always been an acoustical player, owning and Ovation and Gibson Humming Bird. The SE 245 I got is a 2017 model and is just as excellent as the Standard quality wise but is a couple of pounds lighter. This guitar is everything I"ve ever wanted. MY SALES ENGINEER JONATHAN APPLETON HAS TREATED ME LIKE LOYALITY AND RESPECT "WANTING" TO MAKE SURE I AM HAPPY... YOU WOULD NEED A STRAIGHT JACKET TO BUY ANYWHERE ELSE EVEN IT COST MORE THAN OTHER RETAILERS I WOULD PAY IT TO DO BUSINESS WITH "SWEETWATER". I bought one of these and was as surprised as some of you , with the Beauty of the instrument the sound of the instrument for this price, and now that I've played it in a band situation I can say yes, it is what you people have been saying about it , a great guitar and I'm confused how this can be sold so cheap , but maybe I should be confused of why other guitars are sold so expensive. It's an eyecatcher and it feels amazing to play. For my playing style this seems to handle a little better than the Les Paul even did. Sweetwater Sound Bending is still no problem. After it arrived (shout out to Clint for the great service as always) I spent some time going over the fit and finish and could not find one thing wrong. They all sound good just different.. Whoever says otherwise doesn't own gibson, fender, and prs like i do and play them side by side for hours on end like i do. Pick ups are very articulate with great lunch at higher gain. TL;DR Feels, Looks and Sounds like it should cost twice as much. I have large hands, so the baseball bat neck is better suited to me than the shallower C shape of many of the LP's. Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. They are both made in Indonesia. , Can play literally every style, the neck is extremely comfortable, the finish is beautiful, the picture doesn"t do it justice. The gigbag is decent quality. PRS SE 245 Standard - Tobacco Sunburst Reviews, We have a Demo model available for just $530.10. As with all my orders, it arrived in perfect condition, in tune, meticulously packed, and on time. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. Fretwork is excellent, plays beautifully up & down the neck. Apparently the pups are voiced that way. I ordered this PRS so i can bring it anywhere and not worry so much. Then last year (2019) I came across this model, the PRS SE 245 which has the flametop online and ordered one. Totally satisfied after 3 days of Jammin on it. 5 star for the guitar and 5 star for sweetwater customer service. The body and neck are flawless, the tuners perform perfectly fine, the bridge is heavy-duty and more than capable, the frets feel great, intonation was spot on, etc. the guitar its self is a great piece. I don't play my Les Paul if you want vintage tone and feel. I like to play guitar standing up so weight is important to me. I have an American Performer Jazzmaster and I enjoy this PRS as a counterpart to it. The only problem PRS people have is finding a case for it. The guitar is well-made, no question about that. Learn More. I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED THE FENDER STRAT IT WAS MY VERY FIRST GUITAR I BOUGHT MYSELF FOR MY BIRTHDAY IN 1983 IT WAS A TOBACCO SUNBURST.. BUT I COULD NOT AFFORD THE USA VERSION SO BIT THE BULLETT AND ORDERED THE "KOREAN" ONE. If you're looking for a virtually new instrument in possibly less-than-perfect packaging, this is a great value. The SE 245 I got is a 2017 model and is just as excellent as the Standard quality wise but is a couple of pounds lighter. They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it. Great guitar! I have purchased many a guitar and none have arrived like this one. I MEAN I HAVE GENUINE AMERICAN MADE GUITAR'S AND BEING A PATRIOTIC VETERAN I WANTED USA. Bought this back in February to play in the worship band at church after taking 15 years off, and I'm supremely impressed. My main goal was to find a reasonably priced guitar that plays and sounds great, and that's exactly what I got with this. And it sounds great too. Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. This is the PRS SE 245 model. Great Guitar! Then last year (2019) I came across this model, the PRS SE 245 which has the flametop online and ordered one. when this guitar arrived it was set uo like a guitar should be. Especially knowing the level of fit and finish that I had experienced on my SE Custom 24. But to my surprise of the quality and the tone of the guitar. They are much cheaper and usually have very simple finishes. Sweetwater Sound I purchased a PRS S2 standard after this one which is insanely good but I still grab this one all the time. Sounds more like a gibson than a prs. BUT...this is exactly the kind of guitar I look for to upgrade a bit! I like all of these guitars...but the one i play 90% of the time is the PRS. PRS SE 245 Standard Electric Guitar Tobacco Sunburst Gear returned in mint condition. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! The Indonesians are doing amazing work. Phone Hours | I WAS SPEECHLESS FOR ABOUT 5 MINS (QUITE A FEAT FOR ME).. I own several other PRS SE models that cost more and I like this one better. I will be making all of my purchases with them from now on. Love the short scale. I've certainly played on plenty of guitars that were more expensive but not even close to the tone and playability of this one. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. I think very few would be disappointed with any guitar in the SE line. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The SE 245 I got is a 2017 model and is just as excellent as the Standard quality wise but is a couple of pounds lighter. Was expecting to have to have to change out the pickups but no need here.There's nothing wrong with the clean tone, it's warm, characterful and loaded with lengthy sustain, you can hear all the woods nicely and there's great sustain with overdrive.You can play all styles of music with this Baby. I got an extraordinary instrument. I think double the price and I would still be pleased with it. I lowered the action just a tad, couse I like the action low. Like always Jeff always give me the best advice when it comes to my gears. Great fit and finish on the PRS245. A little out of tune but no damage to the package or the axe. THOSE BIRD INLAYS I THOUGHT WERE SPIRITUAL AND POWERFUL NOT TO MENTION THE SOUND. The wide fat neck is crazy fun to play. HE WAS AN ANIMAL ON THE STRAT IN THIN LIZZY BUT DID NOT CONNECT FOR ME TILL I HEARD HIM PLAY THE BLUES (ONE OF MY FAVORITE STYLES AS WELL AS MANY OTHERS). Neck is straight as an arrow one piece mahogany with an excellent rosewood fretboard. I'm hard to impress. See my review for that case. The 245 Standard was built in Indonesia and the 245 was built in Korea. I ordered this guitar expecting a solid, usable guitar but nothing special. Sweetwater certainly delivered the goods! It should fit like a good shoe. Tyler and the gang are absolutely top notch!

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