This dish, containing cooked wheat kernels, nuts, raisins, sugar and pomegranate seeds, symbolizes rebirth or resurrection. Koliva – a Greek dish symbolising rebirth or resurrection. At important  festivals in the Greek Orthodox calendar, including Christmas Day, it is customary to adorn the table with pomegranates (known as ‘polysporia’ meaning ‘many-seeded’) and on New Year’s Day it is traditional to break a pomegranate on the ground. This wonderful nectar is absolutely full of vitamins, AB and C, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and iron, pomegranates have been proven to contain more antioxidants than red wine or green tea. 25 of the Most Famous Ancient Greek Statues and Sculptures - Where Are They Now? Mohammed, the Muslim prophet, advised pregnant women to eat pomegranates, a symbol of beauty, so that they would bear beautiful children. In some Greek dialects, the pomegranate was called rhoa, thought to be connected  with the name of the earth goddess Rhea, mother of Hera. Since Persephone had eaten the six pomegranate seeds,  she had to remain in the Underworld for six months of the year. This ritual is said to ensure a happy marriage and the birth of many children. #Conceptual Project# – Paula Lopez Serrano. Panagiotis’ aim is to eventually be self-sufficient, to live off the land, and I think he may very well succeed. Should you get the pomegranate craze too, you can join me this summer on the Cycladic islands of Paros and Ios, for herbal workshops on how to make pomegranate into facial scrubs, bath bombs and soaps. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Arcadia, Greece: Nymphs, Naiads and Dryads. The myth of Persephone, the chthonic goddess of the Underworld, also prominently features the pomegranate. I could visit Panagiotis every day, there is always something new to learn, up there in his little corner of paradise, called Ancient Sicyon. Drupes is the name of the company Panagiotis runs, drupes means any fruit that has a stone e.g plums, cherries, apricots, peaches etc. Uzbek Ottoman silk handmade embroidery – Suzani. ( Log Out /  40 Adorable Characteristics which Make Greeks Special, 20 Ancient Greek Myths About 20 Ancient Greek Flowers, 20 of the Funniest and Dirtiest Nonsensical Greek Wisecrack Expressions and Phrases, 20 Everyday English Phrases, Sayings and Idioms With Greek Origins, Ichor - The blue blood of the Greek Gods - Greek Word of the Day, Meraki - Greek Word of the day - Doing it with love, passion and a lot of soul, 20 Amazing Ancient Greek Inventions Still in Use Today - The Greeks Did it First, 26 Famous Movies Filmed in Greece and the Greek Islands. Before being set free from the underworld, Persephone was persuaded to eat six pomegranate seeds (In ancient mythology, to eat the fruit of one’s captor meant that one would have to return to that captor), to make sure she returned to the underworld when her time on Earth was up, that’s Hades hedging his bets! Pomegranate: The hidden meaning in Greek Myth. In Greek mythology, Persephone (/ p ər ˈ s ɛ f ə n iː / pər-SEF-ə-nee; Greek: Περσεφόνη), also called Kore or Kora (/ ˈ k ɔːr iː / KOR-ee; Greek: Κόρη; "the maiden"), is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter.She became the queen of the underworld through her abduction by Hades, the god of the underworld, with the approval of her father, Zeus. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Demeter found Hades and they struck a bargain, Persephone would live four months on Earth, with the living, and eight months in the underworld. Pingback: #Conceptual Project# – Paula Lopez Serrano. Her mother, Demeter (goddess of the Harvest), went into mourning for her lost daughter and thus all green things ceased to grow. The pomegranate is a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub, widely considered to have originated in Persia, modern-day Iran, and to have been cultivated since ancient times. Ancient Greek myths surrounding the 12 signs of the zodiac, The Elysian Fields – Is This The Lost City of Atlantis Or A Greek Myth, Tallis Vacations, Greek Culinary Tour, Cook Greek, Eat Greek and See Greece. Hades, Persephone and Cerberus at the dog park eating Pomegranate and swimming in lava By Zelda Devon. Drupes dried fruits are scrumptious as a snack or to enhance breakfast cereals, try them in homemade museli, or bake a fruit cake with them. In ancient Greek mythology the pomegranate was described as “the fruit of the dead” that sprung from Adonis’ blood. (The number of months spent in each place differs, depending on which story is read). Hades agreed to release her to the world above for the other six months of the year, to be reunited with her mother. This is how the ancient Greeks explained the cycle of the seasons: when Persephone was with her mother, the earth flourished and the crops grew (Spring and Summer); when she returned to Hades, Demeter mourned and the earth was infertile (Autumn and Winter). Organic pomegranate petimezi from Drupes Organic Farm – Sicyon, Corinthia. It is also a common emblem used in religious paintings, including those by Botticelli and da Vinci, where it is usually seen in the hands of the Virgin Mary or the infant Jesus. The significance of the pomegranate in ancient Greece. On moving into a new home, house guests traditionally bring pomegranates as a symbol of abundance, fertility and good luck for the new owner. In the small village of Ancient Sikyon, located twenty two miles Southwest of Corinth, Panagiotis and his father, Anastasios, run an organic farm which has been in their family for three generations. Panagioitis’ pomegranates – Drupes Organic Farm –Ancient Sikyon. Madonna and the Christ Child – Sandro Botticelli. Some religions consider the pomegranate, not the apple,  to have been the fruit of The Tree of Life. I generally consider myself a pretty intuitive person. Drupes, preserved fruits, allows us to enjoy all types of fruit, even when not in season, not unnaturally grown in some clinical hot house, something that goes against Panagioitis’ beliefs. Panagiotis, who believes that fruits and vegetables should be used only when in season, not grown unnaturally in a greenhouse, starts his pomegranate petimezi production at the beginning of autumn, when the rosy fruit is ripe.

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