Some of the most common calls we get here at Deer Creek Seed involve questions on how to successfully grow sugar beets (or whether it’s even worth it to try!). The bed should then be tilled, followed by culti-packing or rolling for an even, firm planting surface. Field emergence and juvenile development of sugar beets in the 2020 closing study. Planting Beets in the Garden. We use cookies to improve and customize our sites and services. We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: Wildlife food plots are meant to help you engage with your local wildlife, improve your land stewardship skills, and get you excited about hunting! Their coloring is off-white and conical in root structure. About 20% of the worlds sugar production is from sugar beets and the other 80% coming from sugarcane. Sugar beet seed should be planted between 1/2 inch and 1 inch in depth. Deviate by more than a quarter inch on either side of that accepted ideal, and sugar beets either struggle to emerge or can run out of moisture. If you’re planting beets alone, the full planting rate of 7 to 9 pounds per acre is normal. The SFF Crop Tour plot for sugar beets was planted in a field with homogenous soil conditions on an area of 4.5 hectares on 6th April 2020 with a planted population of 100,000 seeds per hectare. Whatever you end up planting, if it’s green and succulent, it’ll draw the wildlife to your plot. They’re not supposed to frustrate you or make you empty your pockets. So if you plant too heavily, you’ll simply be reducing your overall growth success. Our first tip, often overlooked due to lack of time or effort, is to achieve a firm, weed-free seedbed prior to delivering any seed. Learn more. Our offices will be closed Thursday and Friday Nov 26th & 27th. There is nothing to gain, however, by planting a heavier amount of seed (but there is a lot to lose!). Copyright 2020 AGCO Corporation. So, now that you understand why sugar beets are a little higher maintenance, we’ll give you some good tips to use when you’re planting them that will ensure your success! If you look at the coated seed, you’ll see that the clay polymer coating helps smooth the seed and gives them an even, rounded shape. To plant, prepare your seed beds in a sunny location with firmly packed soil. Here at Deer Creek Seed, we offer coated straight sugar beet seed. This includes cookies from third party social media websites, which may track your use of our website. You don’t cook with and eat sugar beets like you do other varieties – they’re used to make sugar, instead. Field emergence and juvenile development of sugar beets in the 2020 planting depth study. Their strange appearance isn’t just a conversation piece, it affects how they germinate. The coating on our seed is a clay polymer that protects the seed in the soil and helps with water uptake. Sugar beets don’t like competition in their growing environment – even with each other! Conclusions. Growing sugar beets isn’t rocket science…but there are a few proven tips that, if followed, will lead you to success. This can be explained by the extraordinary dry planting conditions, where furrows closed with high closing pressure had the best ability to preserve moisture and were not prone to be compacted. The trial plot comprises the following experimental machine settings: A Precision Planting planter with 3 meters working width, 6 rows and 50 cm row spacing, equipped with Precision Planting’s vSet®, vDrive®, DeltaForce®, SpeedTube®, SmartFirmer®, and FurrowJe®t technologies was used to plant the trial plot with a Fendt 516 with VarioGuide and RTK. As alluded to earlier, sugar beets require near-perfect planting conditions, including an optimum seeding depth of 1¼ inches. Sugar beets are typically only grown as a commercial crop. Figure 4. Try them again, but perhaps consider using a mix, like our Beets & Sweets blend. All Rights Reserved. Field emergence and juvenile development of beets on the trial plot was measured 22 days after planting by the Cantonal Crop Consultancy Service of BBZ Arenenberg. Once the seed has been planted and covered, firm the seedbed again! Figure 1. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Or, use another attractant crop like forage brassicas or turnips! For a seed (any seed) to grow well, it takes more than just successful germination. Planting sugar beets under very dry conditions with a planter equipped with Precision Planting FurrowForce. Sugar beets are similar to the familiar red-rooted garden beet, but are much larger, reaching about 2 to 4 pounds when mature. Don’t overseed the planting rate for sugar beets. Don’t overseed the planting rate for sugar beets. Harvest roots when golf ball-size or larger; very large roots may be tough and woody. Sugar Beets. Learn about specs for all our seed vareties. AGCO has therefore recently updated its privacy policy to give you a better understanding of the types of personal data we collect from you and how we use it. So, get out there, get planting, and happy hunting! Field emergence and juvenile development of sugar beets in the 2020 closing study. Results of the different closing pressure applied with the FurrowForce system in sugar beets planted at 3.8 cm depth show that field emergence improved, when higher closing pressure was applied (Figure 4, top).

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