There is only one auxiliary verb used and that is – ‘had’; it should immediately follow the subject. 10) People from different backgrounds had joined hands to fight for their freedom. The object as usual may be simple or could specify a condition or an action. 7) He had ___________ the needy whenever it was possible for him. (prepare), 13) _________ she __________ the whole incident to her friends? (narrate), 15) Had he ____________ for the tests? ( Simple Past + Past Perfect), I did my home work after I came back from the market. Had he not gone to the market? (jump). Fill in the correct form of the past perfect simple or past simple as in the examples. 15) He had ___________ the management for the changes in class schedule. (‘run ‘ is an irregular verb). 4) The previous principal had ________ less importance to extracurricular activities. Past perfect definition: In grammar , the past perfect tenses of a verb are the ones used to talk about things... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Choose the most appropriate word from the choices given so as to make the sentence positive in Past Perfect form. All the time she trying to explore her characteristics as a writer and pour her ideas on paper. (request), 19) The train had _________ on time. Some more examples of Negative Past Perfect Tense-. (give). 6) Teacher had not ___________ the students to talk. (sing), 12) I had ___________ for ten hours that night. 7) Have they touch the feet of the priest? 6) When she opened the door she remembered that she ________ left her purse in the car. 4) The participants _________ not _____________ the judges. 20) I had not ___________ for money. 2) She had _________ her book to the library. Why had he not allowed the class to go on picnic? ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. They had given him a great applause for his achievements. gone, given, prepared etc. Take the help of the verb hints wherever provided. (go, arrive). (collect, board), 18) The children had __________ for an extended play time. (Negative-Interrogative), She had not exposed the crime. (get). 19) He ________ not ___________ any tree in the garden. ‘had’. Past Perfect Tense Examples, Definition, Formula, Exercises in Hindi, Rules, Video Explanation, English to Hindi Explanation. 20) The officer had not ____________ the incident even when he could have. Please crosscheck your answers with the corrected sentences given below: 2) She had not received the consignment on time. On the Banks of Plum Creek is one of the books in the "Little House on the Prairie" series, which was turned into a long-running TV show. 7) They ________ not ____________ dinner when the guests ______________. 2) She had ___________ complained about the food. They ran out of necessary resources before the supplies came in. Learn the definition and how to form the past perfect tense with useful examples and ESL printable infographics. 6) They had not informed about their arrival. Guide to Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous for ESL, Personal Pronoun Definition and Examples in English, Ph.D., Rhetoric and English, University of Georgia, M.A., Modern English and American Literature, University of Leicester, B.A., English, State University of New York, "He camped that night on the broad Animas Plain and the wind blew in the grass and he slept on the ground wrapped in the serape and in the wool blanket the old man, "With his new, heightened feelings, he was overwhelmed by sadness at the way the others, "One great source of pleasure to me was that my wife was delighted with the home I. 3) Had they ___________ the auditorium after the function? It is also used to describe actions of the near past that have been completed or remain incomplete with reference to another activity. I had never seen such a beautiful sunset before I went to the island. (begin). ( Negative), He had colluded with the accused. Although this is possible, it is usually not necessary. We were not able to stay overnight at the hotel since we had not reserved a … Or Why she had not caught the thief on her own? Past perfect tense is everywhere, so just about any literature will have examples. The past perfect simple tense is formed by using the auxiliary verb had together with the V3 (past participle). (give), 6) He had not _____________ the management about the incident. For the simplicity of understanding we will consider the above examples as discussed in Negative Sentences-, The places of auxiliary verbs and subjects can be interchanged as given below-. what happened first. Answers- 1)False, 2)True, 3)False, 4)True, 5)False, 6)True, 7)False, 8)True, 9)False, 10)True, 11)False, 12)True, 13)False,14)True, 15)False. Walnut Grove, Minnesota, a town of fewer than 1,000 people, hosts throngs of people every summer at festivals related to the history and the books. The tense is also known as the past perfective, the pluperfect, and the past-in-the-past. Negative sentences in Past Perfect form can be directly converted into Negative Interrogative sentences by simply interchanging the places of auxiliary verb and subject as shown in the examples below-. (sleep), 13) The flight ________ left before they __________ at the airport. 6) They have not informed about their arrival. 1) He has written a letter to the principal. Crosscheck your answers with that provided at the end of the exercise. 4) We had __________ received the bonus last year. (improve), 5) _________ she conveyed the message when __________ to do so. In the first sentence above the speaker is talking about an incident which has occurred an year back while the second sentence attaches a condition with the action being talked about. 3) He ___________ donated his books to the library. 2) She _________ not written any book on social causes. 16) We ________ apologized for our mistake. (improve), 10) They had __________ the priest for a supper. 5) The gentleman _______ obliged by sending a thank you note. followed by the Object at last. 9) He had _____________ his soft skills. (subject + auxiliary verb (had) + third form of verb (past participle) + object). What Is an Independent Clause in English? It can also show that something happened before a specific time in the past. 2) By interchanging the places of Auxiliary Verbs and Subject. 8) They ________ hidden the treasure deep in the ocean. (Negative), Had he not colluded with the accused? 2) Had your friends __________ you on your birthday? The above sentences are negative sentences in Past Perfect Forms. Why had they not informed the teacher? The chairman had resigned following the allegations. For example, "She stood outside until he had gone.". It is clear from the above examples that by simply interchanging the places of auxiliary verb ‘had’ and the subject, a Negative Sentence in Past Perfect Form could be converted into Negative-Interrogative sentence. Interrogative – Negative Sentences in Past Perfect Form, The interrogative sentences above can be converted in to Interrogative – Negative sentences by placing ‘not, in between the auxiliary verb and the subject as given below-, Please note that the above Interrogative and Interrogative- Negative sentences may be prefixed with Question Words, as given below-, Also by just interchanging the positions of auxiliary verb and subject, an interrogative sentence can be converted into a simple Past Perfect Tense Positive form as shown below-, Fill in the Blanks Exercises/Worksheet/Activities on Interrogative Past Perfect Tense-. 10) People from different backgrounds has join hands to fight for their freedom. 20) Thief had ___________ much to attract attention from authorities. (go), 9) They were ___________ because they had ___________ obeyed the law. 9) She had __________ well for the finals. A teacher by circumstances but passionately devoted for writings. As in other past tenses, the past perfect in a subordinate clause, called a conditional clause, may signify hypothesis, or something contrary to fact. (Negative- Interrogative), (auxiliary verb + subject + main verb + object).

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