I haven't had smoked salmon in such a long time, will have to rectify that . And so easy too. Thanks for adding the different variation ideas! You can strip them if you prefer, but I usually throw the whole thing in there to save on time. Awww... thanks for including a link to my potatoes!!! It is just bursting with bold flavors and tastes great on grilled foods, especially if you are looking for a delicious zesty Mediterranean flavor. Maybe you've only encountered oregano as the fish food-y flakes you sprinkle on pizza. I have had so much oregano growing in my garden, I just had to come up with a few oregano recipes to make sure it doesn't go to waste. Garlic and Oregano Pesto is a great way to use up surplus fresh oregano. I used fresh oregano and basil from my herb garden. It was fantastic! Oh yes, it is a bold pesto, but a little goes a LONG way. This recipe is so versatile it really lends itself to any herbs being added. A super simple but elegant dish! I'm wondering where to find out if it is really oregano. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, "Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry"; Oregano: a Source for Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor Gamma Antagonists; Mueller et al. Also, if you have any other ideas on how to use up lots of oregano make sure to leave those in the comments as well, so everyone can benefit Happy eating. Required fields are marked *. Works amazing with my favourite pasta recipe: wholegrain penne cooked al denté, tossed in pesto and topped with raw red bell pepper, smoked salmon and feta cheese. Carolyn Williams began writing and editing professionally over 20 years ago. I use it anywhere I would normally use a good pesto. It is just bursting with bold flavors and tastes great on grilled foods, especially if you are looking for a delicious zesty Mediterranean flavor. Use fresh oregano with seafood. Place in a baking dish and bake for an hour or so at around 350ºF/180ºC until baked. Freezes well so you can preserve the season and enjoy year round. Oregano just goes crazy doesn't it! Just pop the mixture into the ice cube tray, freeze, and once frozen remove and store in a ziploc bag until needed. My oregano is exploding! Going to try the oregano I have in pesto! Should I dry some of it? It can be used for picnics and travels very well, since it doesn't need to be refrigerated. The recipe makes almost a gallon but can be scaled down easily. I just inherited a high-producing oregano plant, which is why I thought of making pesto from it, so thank you. Oh yay I am so glad to hear! How long will this pesto last in the refrigerator, if I didn't want to freeze it? It has so much flavor and is a wonderful accompaniment to the sweetness of the pasta. This is the best dressing I have ever tasted, people offer to buy it constantly, but if we sold it we wouldn't be able to make enough to use in the restaurant! Cooking with fresh oregano calls for a slightly different approach than cooking with the herb when it is dried, however. 3. I was quite astonished as to how some of my friends didn’t know the difference between real “ Does anyone else grow the big fuzzy leaved kind? Wipe out skillet and add remaining olive oil. This recipe is really delicious and so easy. I usually put an extra little layer of olive oil on top of the pesto and it helps to preserve it for a little longer and stops it from going brown on top. If you enjoyed this recipe then you might want to try these: If you tried this recipe please comment and rate it. Ooh yum, that sounds divine!! Hey Janelle, I use the whole raw almond in this, but the slivered variety would work just as well if that's what you have on hand. If you are allergic to all nuts then I have tried this with pumpkin seeds with great success as well! Copyright © 2020 Whole Food Bellies on the Brunch Pro Theme. To store: pop into the fridge for around 5-7 days. Thank you. Oregano is called for in a variety of Mexican, Italian and roasting recipes. This is the first time I made pesto and it tastes AMAZING! allergy issues, Hi Dawn, any nut would work just fine. The prolific plant i grow in the tropics is called oregano, but it has fuzzy large leaves. I would like to make this, but wondering how much nutritional yeast to use. Oregano is called for in a variety of Mexican, Italian and roasting recipes. I keep both items on hand in the freezer. Our team periodically reviews articles in order to ensure content quality. I love how versatile pesto is!! Unauthorized use and/or duplication of text and/or photographs from this blog without express and written permission of the author and owner of this blog are strictly prohibited. Oregano pesto freezes well so you can preserve the season and enjoy year round. Let’s keep the conversation going- join my Facebook group! Whole Food Bellies is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Can I saute the garlic also? Or if Pinterest isn’t your style, bookmark this post! Please check with the appropriate physician regarding health questions and concerns. Just blend some up & let the aroma guide you ! Learn how your comment data is processed. So the thing about oregano is that it is a really powerful flavor when it's fresh... sometimes too much. If you want to freeze it then I usually freeze my pesto in ice cube trays. Her work appears on various websites. © Whole Food Bellies 2020. Good luck . Just finished making this! Sounds like a great way to use up all those delicious herbs!

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