Because one of the subtexts that's starting to get discussed is methodology of choosing a mic for a particular singer and song. … I hear great things about the Gauge Microphone clones. I had the Wunder CM7 on demo for about a week some time ago.The mic left me very unimpressed.Unimpressed to the point that it led me to believe that it was running with a subpar capsule or some other strange anomaly. The Telefunken USA U-47 is a dead ringer for the original, given the variations between individual old mics. Favoured by artists like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and The Beatles, the venerable Neumann U47 studio microphone ushered in a new era of music recording and broadcast. I'm looking for something that is under 500 dollars. A $299 Neumann U47 clone? I have the TM47 and I once shot it out against a vintage U47 and everyone in the room thought the Pearlman sounded better. Formalités douanières et suivi international fournis +59,23 EUR (livraison) 2x Neumann w75k (u47, u67 Filtre) "non testé/NOT TESTED" D'occasion. If I knew Elvis would have shown up, I would have!!! Provenance : Allemagne. There is a great deal of choice for microphones on the market. Pearlman's TM-47 is closer to a "clone". A U47 "clone" would be difficult because of the parts involved to reproduce the sound of the mic. Duncan McAllister June 18, 2020 Tube Audio 5 Comments. Adam and Tony - you guys hear a lot mics, you have professional ears. Anyways thanks very much and please do some more of these shootouts. I don't think it's right for you to make a comment like this without ever having tried it. I've seen Telefunken have a few U47's, anything else out there? Great response Adam - and an opinion that would be welcome in Bills thread. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. A question that keeps nagging me is, based on just about every opinion I hear, why does a microphone from a half century ago consistently outperform modern mics of the same general design? Pearlman DP1-Neumann U47 Clone Valve Tube Microphone. You might be surprised how dark & thick many vintage U47s sound today. D'occasion. 999,00 EUR. Neumann U 47 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone. Why not go over to. In other words, do you want a clone of a particular vintage U47, or do you want a great sounding microphone? I am looking to purchase a Neumann U87 or U47 clone. Provenance : Royaume-Uni. Well said. 21st January 2008 #2. littlenemo. I would worry less about how a 'clone' approximates a U47 and more about how it sounds. It ... Developped by Oliver Archut reducing noise and ouput impedance to give this microphone the true caracter of an original Neumann U47. It's a "direct replacement" for a BV8, but it is not the same "original transformer". I liked the Telefunken U47 best, and then the Wunder Audio Mics. At AES SF my old friend Dan Alexander, who is a legend in the vintage gear scene, was conducting blind testing between new and old U-47s and new and old ELA M251s using API preamps and Ultrasone phones at the Telefunken booth. Achat immédiat. And as you point out, there's no substitutue for bringing tools and talent together in real time to make engineering decisions. I am certainly willing to admit trade show floors are useless, [unless you record trade show floors for a living] but I have a bit more context to judge what I hear in that instance. The Neumann U87 is one of the most iconic and sought-after microphones of all time. Its all your other gear too, and then your ear, because of the way you balanced the sound. What are we missing in this century? So give it up for Warm Audio and its WA-47jr mic – a FET transformer-less version of the WA-47. ! Truly impressive. Can some of the U47 clones i.e Wunder Audio, Peluso, Lawson etc, actually replicate the sound of an original U47? There are no clones at all - but there are a few copies. Neumann manufactured the U 47 FET between 1969 and 1986 and reissued it in 2014. ou Faire une offre +30,99 EUR (livraison) Suivi par 16 personnes. Its desirability is based primarily on the synergy of its three sound-shaping components: capsule, tube, transformer. Best, Chris. Well no, it's not impossible... and there are great examples of U-47's that can be used as a "benchmark" for the sound of a U-47 redux.

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