2517 AN The Hague You may enter the Name Our e-Newsletter Contest by submitting your recommendation using our electronic network one of three ways: tweet us on Twitter; post on our wall on Facebook; or send us an email. We can develop a turnkey newsletter for them, but we can’t do it without them. ‘Name the Newsletter’ Contest We are looking for a name for our digital newsletter, and we need your help! ISOCARP is the International Society of City If so, you’ll want the title to emphasize the information-driven content with a serious tone. Home » Name the Newsletter Contest. If you’ve never produced a newsletter, understand that it will challenge you in many ways. On a few occasions we’ve hit on great newsletter names without input from a client: • For Lobar Inc., a general contractor that specializes in school construction, the name “Lobar Ink” immediately went to the head of the class. We’ll want and need to tap the expertise and insight of many if not all of the client’s employees at one time or another. But its name should remain consistent, a steadfast reminder of why you launched the newsletter in the first place. Founded in 1965, we are a global association of over 700 experienced professionals, bringing together recognised and highly-qualified planners from more than 85 countries worldwide. Your newsletter should reflect the essence of what your company and its employees represent. Of course, we jest. It should express a relationship to city and regional planning, and you’ll get bonus points for including ISOCARP although this is not required. and highly-qualified planners from more Who’s your daddy?” ISOCARP Cyber Agora #2: Virtual Public Planning Participation: Hype or New Normal? So what you name it should be consistent with your organization’s values and mission. The Executive Committee will choose the winner who will be announced in the next newsletter. Name the Newsletter Contest. Thanks again for sending in your ideas. We would like you to help us name our newsletter. He or she might have an editor or two to satisfy; you could have layers of bosses who will second, third and fourth guess your choice of words before and after publication. That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet.” We announced the winning name – AWI Connection – in the third issue. than 80 countries worldwide. You never gave your baby a name. “What’s in a name? Just the Facts If the newsletter is more of an informal publication for employee issues or entertainment, it can be more relaxed. So you’re launching a newsletter, perhaps for engaging with your customers or for cementing a bond with your most important asset, your employees. Browse 0 Employee Newsletter name contests or hold a contest to get hand-picked name ideas. You may submit as many newsletter name entries as you wish. The Netherlands, Chamber of Commerce 4039.7271 "Name the Newsletter" Contest Monday, June 4, 2018 - 10:30am Help us rename the PARTNERS Newsletter! It should be unique – there are many planning-related organisations that send out newsletters. Please email suggestions to Ana Peric, Vice President for Awards, Communications and Marketing, peric@isocarp.org. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. (Between us, it’s Snoots.). Some examples include: 1. The name should be relatively short – two to three words. We had many duplicates, so the list below represents all of the suggestions (the first entry of a duplicate name would win the prize if the name is selected ….) The Advisor 2. Your newsletter should reflect the essence of what your company and its employees represent. For Associated Wholesalers Inc., a food distributor to supermarkets and convenience stores, we used another image: “The brown bag at the top of this page is there so you can, metaphorically speaking, fill it with your ideas for what to call this publication.”. The Insider 3. and Regional Planners. In each of these two cases, we ended up with newsletter names but we also engaged our target audiences immediately and generated compelling content in the process. Keep it simple and direct. Your beautiful baby is going to spit up, speak his first words, take his first steps, and the next thing you know he’s going off to college. Everyone, and we mean everyone, from Districts 1 and 2 are encouraged to submit a new name for OUR newsletter to the Central Service Chair, at chair.aahalifax@gmail.com.

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