Here are several important factors to consider. … Weight and firmness have an equivalent relationship, meaning, that as your weight goes up, so should the firmness of your mattress. a pressure relieving mattress will top the mattress firmness comparison charts Tips on Choosing the Right Mattress for You The different types of mattresses firmness equate to how the mattress feels when you lay on it. Material. When looking at memory foam mattress firmness chart you may see hybrid mattresses as more firm than traditional memory foam mattresses … That means for example, that if you are a side sleeper, and you are over 200 lbs., you would want a mattress in the higher end of the med-firm range. Researchers suggest that different mattress parameters can have a significant impact on sleep comfort.. The sections below will look at the materials and firmness options available. See the chart … When it comes to choosing a mattress, mattress firmness is a matter of personal preference.

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