we’re planning on making it today! thanks. There is no salt needed in this recipe. Didn’t take away from the deliciousness while staying home for prevention! I’m calling it, this Magic Custard Cake really is magic. It goes beyond the substitutions we are knowledgeable about. Or ? or would that make it taste weird? It is so light but satisfying. The middle actual custard layer was tiny (and the best part) with the top bready layer about .5 cm to 1cm in places. Stay tuned. The ingredients are a little different, though. 292 calories; protein 6.5g 13% DV; carbohydrates 32.7g 11% DV; fat 15.3g 24% DV; cholesterol 128.4mg 43% DV; sodium 142mg 6% DV. If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. The flavor and texture was amazing. Thanks for translating, and all of the extra notes! I made this recipe today, also via “Posie Gets Cosie’. Fulfilled our craving for that coconut custard pie taste and texture. I’d rather just have custard – creme brulee, creme caramel. Thanks for the recipe, the great photos and for shaing.. Hi can I ask the flour used in this cake is it rice flour or just plain flour ? Be still my heart is right! Made this right away yesterday and was soooo disappointed tasteless, heavy and not custardy like-oh well-threw away the recipes (chocolate one too) I have made soo many of your other recipes and have been soo happy! Hello, I tried this today and it came out well except the custard part tasted very eggy do you think It was over baked? I can see this recipe becoming a regular when we have guests and even when we don’t. I pinned this. The batter was much runnier than I expected – I was worried that I’d done something wrong – but it came out perfect and so tasty, I’ve had two pieces already! I chilled mine in the freezer and most of it set up fine, but the center was still liquid. My Calorie Blog, It turned out wonderful! Hi guys! I tried 4 more egg whites, added the 4 drops of vinegar, and…. However, my husband LOVED it, so I guess I need to make it again soon . (and how to do it?). I came across this page searching for simple desserts. Thanks for sharing. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). You have to try this delicious, triple layered cake. Came out great in the end. Lemon juice or cream of tartar both work to help with the eggs whites. I’ll have to make it this weekend. And will it taste as good the second day (if there’s any left)? It has three distinct layers after baking. (Found you today via “Posie Gets Cozy”). Wow! The pictures looked incredible and the recipe had ingredients I already had around. Please have a look when you can! Gorgeous. The part that DID set up (only outer edges) was delicious but the entire middle was liquid. Will it still be good after two days? I wasn’t able to turn the cake out from the pan as cleanly, so I left it in the 8×8 glass dish. This looks absolutely amazing! First off I must say that I am not a baker, I can cook my but off, but baking can be a challenge sometimes because you can't easily add your own twist unless you know the chemistry of baking, which I do not. Stay tuned. Definitely need to try it. Thanks for converting and translating, I’d been wanting to try it. It’s like a sweet yorkshire pudding. Don’t wait another second. We posted a chocolate version just a couple days ago. Temperatures for the ingredients are important here. If it makes any difference, I am using a silicone baking pan and live in a tropical climate. lately when i make the custard cake it is seems to form big bubbles at the bottom of the tray when its baking…. hi – this recipe looks fantastic! Mix in the melted butter and the tablespoon of water for … Your notes on proper preparation helped enormously to get the temperatures of the milk and butter right, and it all came together simply enough. I think I prefer the original (to which I added 1/2 tsp orange essential oil). Thanks Hilly for the feedback and so glad you enjoyed the recipe! Both the cake and your site are magical… But folks liked it. If you make it with the lemon juice, we’d love to know if that works too. This is tasty. I wonder if in your search you saw a chocolate version…. I LOVE this recipe. I have just sampled this beautiful cake – Wow! i didn’t have enough milk (2 c shy. We’ve kept them up to 2 days in the fridge but as they stay in there longer, the cake-top part gets soggy. I was thinking of cutting 1/2 cup of milk out of it and using softened butter rather than melted. A custard-like vanilla filling separates a light, fluffy layer on top and a dense cake layer on the bottom, to create the ultimate vanilla cake recipe! I will have to try this very soon. The original recipe that we found was actually in metric first and that is how we made it. We used large eggs. If you try it, we’d love to hear how it turns out. You won't have to worry about creating the layers yourself. I just made this cake today and my family devoured it! The cake is in the oven now, hopefully it’s going to turn out alright. Ingredients 1/2 cup unsalted butter, … Jillian, I was as floored as you were by the first, but the second one I’m going to take as a nudge to really bake this fine cake! A few more notes on making the cake: When adding the milk, we found it easier and less messy to gently hand whip them in instead of using the stand mixer. We’ve never tried freezing it, so unfortunately we don’t have an answer for you. If you love custard, this Vanilla Magic Custard Cake recipe really is for you! Hi, I tried baking this today. My husband loves custard and not-so-sweet desserts so I’m excited to make this for him.

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