However many of our Lord’s miracles may not come under this category of symbolism {and I, for my part, do not believe that there are any of them which do not}, this one clearly does. Now and then the soul is tempted to think that chance, or accident, or lack of foresight, or an enemy of some kind, has lured him out there, just to drown him or to fill him with terror, Nay, it was a loving Guide who led you thither. pros. I. "Commentary on Luke 5:4". But not only that--we have also a security for it that labour for spiritual purposes can never be in vain. (b) There must be courage—to brave storms, to face the unknown, to stand alone, to withstand the obstacles which confront him who ventures on a new departure. But the evangelical movement, as the years passed on, shut itself up more and more to its Churches, and treated the great human world, the world of secular thought, activity, and interest, as quite outside its pale. Examine the sky-lights. I cannot possibly do any more this morning.’ ‘I am so very busy with my business all the week, that it is perfectly absurd to talk about my teaching in a Sunday-school.’ That was not their spirit at all. Men have pushed their investigations in every direction; but they are disposed to stop just where the problem deepens into anything like mystery, and where faith must take the place of sight. But launch out and win. Oh, brethren! Let down your nets. Planted in the heart of every true child of God. Originally, to slacken or loosen, as a bowstring or the reins of horses; hence to let sink as a net. Doubts and fears are not signs of health, but festers and carbuncles. unto. The Aorist Tense implies the immediate succession of the events. The relationship had been then commenced which is presupposed by our Lord’s authoritative tone here. Which, being translated, is this-The same spirit of daring enterprise, which is a condition of success in secular matters, is no less potent a factor in the success of Christian men in their enterprises for Jesus Christ. Also of unbarring a door. Chapter 5. Copyright � Broadman Press 1932,33, Renewal 1960. Dr. Thomson thinks it was a bag-net, let down like a basket into the water; but how large must the bag have been to enclose fish enough to nearly sink the two boats? Have you ever gone, alone with Christ, away from the shore and its noisy multitude, to where His waves are mountains?”, 2. Not the same word as in Luke 5:14 -. If so used here the word implies a promise (Hahn). The word occurs in the New Testament seven times, and five of these in Luke. (J. Baldwin Brown, B. https: Luke always uses proper nautical phrases. To whom should these words be addressed? When Simon Peter saw it, … do not.’ Christ said, ‘Yes! He goes up by the mill-dam, and stands behind the bank, where the fish cannot see him, and he has hardly dropped the hook before the cork goes under. We set our net in a good, calm place, and in sight of a fine chapel, and we go down every Sunday to see if the fish have been wise enough to come into our net. Copyright StatementThese files are a derivative of an electronic edition prepared from text scanned by Woodside Bible Fellowship.This expanded edition of the Jameison-Faussett-Brown Commentary is in the public domain and may be freely used and distributed. With an overwhelming amount of fishes, he would need aid to drag the net and its contents to the shore or boat. Luke 5:4. εἰς τὸ βάθος, into the deep) This is more than the ὀλίγον, a little, Luke 5:3.— εἰς ἄγραν, for a draught) The promise. 2 Corinthians 11:33. for = with a view to. if one thinks of the world into which it has been God’s providence to put us, a world all seething with new aspirations and unrest-if we think of the condition of the great city in which we live, which is only a specimen of the cities of England, and of the tragical insufficiency of Christian enterprise and effort, as compared with the overwhelming masses of the community, surely, surely, there is nothing more wanted to make Christian people wake up from their old jog-trot habits, and cast themselves with new earnestness, new daring and enterprise, into forms of service which conscience and sober wisdom may approve. The meaning attached to this command by the individual Christian will in each case be coloured by his own experience. "Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible". (b) To the despondent there shall be salvation. 1. https: "Commentary on Luke 5:4". If there is anything that is declared to us plainly in the Scriptures, with regard to the relationships between men and Jesus Christ, it is this, that a docile heart will always be a guided heart, partly by inward whispers, which only they disbelieve who limit God in His relation to men, beyond what they have a right to do; and partly by outward providences which only they disbelieve who limit God in His power over the external world, beyond what they have a right to do. (c) A revelation of the Saviour. No; it is not a river, nor a bay, but a sea. Ah! CHRIST TAKES HIS PEOPLE INTO THE DEEP. "E.W. The Biblical Illustrator. What are those cables that bind us to the shore that must be cut? ), Encouragement to work for God, though unsuccessful. (1-3) Jesus teaches from a boat. Two unfailing sources of encouragement.—To nerve us for this supreme decision, ‘to launch out,’ the text offers, amongst others, two unfailing sources of encouragement. Addressed to one (Peter). If our labour is ‘in the Lord,’ it will not be ‘in vain.’ Just as pain is a danger signal, pointing to mischief at work on the body, so failure in achieving the results of Christian service is, for the most part, an indication of something wrong in method or spirit.

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