Safe? The Instagram coverage of Syria is cringeworthy as influencers exploit Syria for their travel street cred. Here are some videos of people visiting Syria. No, tourism is not going to save Syria or help millions to return. Women aren't safe in Syria. However, Syria has been caught up in serious warfare and it is, at this point, so dangerous to visit it that it has become impossible to visit the country as it is essentially a war zone. They claim to show their followers “real Syria”. An added natural beauty is its short coastline on the east Mediterranean Sea. In addition, homosexuality is illegal in Syria. I wouldn’t say its bad for muslim people, they hate americans so i wouldnt recomend us going. Since the government controls the tours, untrained writers and travelers play-acting as journalists are not in a position here to see anything “real” or “authentic.”. Tourists may not realize it, but by visiting Syria they are endorsing the Assad regime and its narrative. The civil war has been raging in the country since 2011, and Syria is now probably the most dangerous destination in the world. Before this, it was a country of great natural diversity and with plenty of archeological sites worth visiting. You should know that forces loyal to the Assad government have carried out deadly bombings and attacks targeting rebels that hide among the civilians. Yes, it is safe to go to Syria in parts controlled by the Syrian Arab Republic. There are a million reasons to visit Syria, JUST NOT NOW! Syria is extremely dangerous for everyone. Chances are extremely high that Syria will be targeted by terrorists while you're there - if you intend to go there. Log in. Imagine the horror my family feels seeing the recent onslaught of bloggers, traipsing around Syria saying how “cool” it is and that the war is over. The majority of the country is back under Syrian control, there is no fighting and people are living their lives. Syria is now a war zone and as such, should be avoided at all costs. If you're in Syria currently, try and find a way to get out of it, if at all possible. Even with ISIL physical absence there religious ideology of extreme Wahhabism is left behind in Syria. The situation, however, is so tense at this moment, that if you get captured by either side, you may be in life danger. On the other hand, rebel forces have also carried out attacks targeting the government and pro-government civilians. Is Syria Safe To Visit now? The narrative is: Nothing to see here. The war is NOT over. My father is from Damascus, Syria. I’ve visited Syria many times. The country is destroyed up to a point where they're probably aren't many people on the streets as they are in hiding due to the war that is raging or simply in a state of panic. Women aren't safe in Damascus. Syria is emphatically not safe for tourists. Click here to get an offer for travel insurance. It should be emphasized once more that tourists should not go to Syria under any circumstance, and there have been incidents of foreigners being killed in Syria. In the past things were worse, but the violence has mostly stopped. Yes, it IS wonderful with incredible sights. : The biggest concern for most travellers is the safety of travelling to Syria. When a place is still in conflict like Syria is, only trained professionals have the capacity to come in and get as much information as possible to explain the real situation on the ground. A few made it to the United States but most are spread across various European and Middle Eastern countries in their efforts to find stability and start a new life. Kidnappings by armed groups, arbitrary arrests, the use of chemical warfare, shelling, and aerial bombardment pose significant risk of death or serious injury. Have empathy for those who can’t return. There have been many terrorist attacks already, everywhere in the country, including major cities and the threat comes from many terrorist groups that are active in Syria, like Daesh and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham. Don’t listen to the people telling you it is not dangerous! And when they don’t have the ability to accurately explain situations, they have a code of ethics to fall back on to determine what needs disclosures and what information is fit to print. It legitimizes a government that is responsible for the biggest humanitarian crisis of this generation. It’s a delimma. If you go you are literally begging to get killed. Violent crimes in Syria do exist but are not too common, again, due to the fact that the country is a war zone and every day is a fight for survival. I was in my mid 50s but many much younger women remarked how safe Syria felt for them.

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