These threads are then spun, twisting the different fibers together to create a strong and durable material. 100% polyester fabrics can be nasty, but pop the fibre into a blend, and good things happen.That’s why my jeans don’t bag out or crease, and look neat and tidy throughout the day. Polyester is a manmade material, and because of that, it has been designed to be as comfortable and resilient as possible. Many people believe that formal shirts like those you would wear to the office are typically uncomfortable, but when they are made of polyester, you can be sure they will stretch to keep you feeling good and looking good all day long. The Perfect Wedgie– Introducing Wedgie Jeans, How to Make a Beautiful Denim Quilt from Old Jeans, Check Our 7 Hassle-Free Tips On How To Shrink Jeans, Denim Washes: How to Choose the Most Flattering One on You, How To Sew On A Patch To Get That Perfect Denim. Let’s see what this chemical reaction is all about. All clothes should have a little bit of stretch so they are comfortable throughout a long day of use. Since polyester is so easy to care for with its resistance to stains and its ability to be washed at home, more and more clothes are made of this material today. Spandex vs Elastane in Jeans. Because polyester is made to retain its shape, it can be a challenge to stretch out the material and keep it that way. When it is still semi-wet, try stretching the material a little bit more. However, it is also highly water resistant, so sweat will not absorb in the material. Next time you put it on, you should notice a difference in the way it fits you. Another set of polyester-fortified jeans we currently stock here at Bullet Blues are the ‘Bombshell’ designer jeans for women, and both of these have the added advantage of a 10% polyester blend. This should make your clothing a little looser, and it will hopefully stretch out to the desired size and shape. Diese Mischung führt zu akzeptablen Trageeigenschaften, sofern der Anteil an Polyester nicht über etwa 20 Prozent liegt. Once the material is wet and warm, stretch it out by pulling with your hands near the seams. Every single pair of jeans that we stock here has been tried, tested and approved for its comfort, fit, style and above all, its high quality blend. IS POLYESTER STRETCHY? If high temperatures are applied, polyester will be malleable and moldable, allowing the customer to shape and stretch it to some degree. You now know that it is. Do not put it in the dryer, as this may shrink it back to its original size. A petroleum by-product is mixed with the other ingredients in a high-temperature vacuum. Polyester has its place in fashion, something I’ve shouted from the rooftops over and over again. But do not let it dry completely the whole way through. T-shirts made of just cotton will shrink and be unable to stretch back to their original size, but when there is a polyester component, the original shape is not lost after a wear or a wash since polyester is stretchy. And the sewing makes a difference too, with straight stitching being less forgiving than serging. This is where the importance of quality garment construction comes into play. To find out if polyester will stretch as much as you would like it to while still retaining its shape, you may need to do some research. For instance, many dresses are made as a poly blend. You probably hate feeling constricted by your clothes, so when you try them on at the store, make sure there are some stretch and give to the material. Required fields are marked *,, When shopping for that perfect pair of jeans, it’s important to be able to rely on their quality once you have committed to buying them. Many running outfits are made of a polyester/spandex blend, as they should be comfortable for flexible and agile activity. But what does the polyester do? Even when blended with denim the fabric does not lose that characteristic. The most spandex or elastane you will get in jeans is between 1 and 5% and usually, the content is on the lower end of the scale. Because polyester is made of hollow fibers, it traps in the user’s body heat and keeps them warm in cold weather. You’ll probably start checking tags before you purchase clothes to make sure they’re made of polyester, the stretchy, comfortable fabric! This process seems extensive, but it does create a material perfect for sports and cold temperatures. You have learned the answer to the question: “Is polyester stretchy?”, and this makes it perfect for any type of clothes, whether it be exercise wear or formal wear. That makes polyester perfect for physical activity, which is why so many running clothes are made out of the fabric. Polyester is stretchy because of the petroleum product it is made of, which also makes polyester susceptible to heat. Sometimes, if you want to get your hands on jeans that look and feel the part, you have to track down the ‘holy grail’ of genuine denim retailers. Woven poly is not particularly stretchy, but knitted/jersey is forgiving. But to make sure you are not damaging your clothing, make sure you follow the proper methods of stretching polyester. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Not only is polyester extremely durable and abrasion-resistant, but compared to cotton blends alone, it is superior in every way. If you cannot find a polyester/spandex blend you like (although this is unlikely), polyester mixed with Lycra also creates very stretchy and moldable material. Polyester, in combination with cotton, generally makes the article of clothing less susceptible to wrinkling …as opposed to 100% cotton. That is why jean makers can make very skinny jeans. What’s even better is the fact that the polyester blends we use are reliable when it comes to the stretch recovery of our jeans. This synthetic thread is actually one of the finest compositions any retailer can use, and the end result will always be stronger, better quality jeans.

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