We do not require that any particular consumer have any knowledge what so ever on what it is they may want. As Brie ripens from the outside in, you’ll notice … Cheese snobbery is a predictable result of insecure, self-important individuals. Thanks for the info! I sent her question to my favorite cheesemonger, Jack Morgan, who gave a great reply. So trimmed the rind off, chopped the rest, which was delicious, and will (hopefully) live to tell the tale! If your brie tastes like pure ammonia, and the taste gets up into your nose and feels like ammonia — it’s bad. Again, you should trust … I don’t know that I’ve had a French Brie before, but I do not recall it smelling like ammonia. Jack gives a small plug for his cheese shop here in Philadelphia at the end of his explanation but it is also great advice when seeking out a reputable cheese store anywhere. Well the rind of the cheese is technically mold because it's aged. And if importing them is not a problem, why doesn’t Hampshire Cheeses send that marvelously smooth and flavorful Tunworth to the US? Bravely, I am finishing it, 20-30 grammes per serving!Going home, tonight, with some fruits and port and red wine to further explore the depths of this Brie and a compliment, Roquefort!I will keep you updated.Ra. The various colored spots that may decorate the rind (fleuri) of a authentic brie will tell you a little about the state the cheese is actually in. Required fields are marked *. enjoyed all your comments. it was not a total loss. And it was before I had read this article. Your email address will not be published. It will taste like ammonia, immediately, and like nothing else. Before we get into the edible nature of the rind, let’s take a minute to discuss manners. I have read conflicting responses on other sites about the ammonia smell to Brie. ICK! But now a question. Can’t eat something with such a pungent and unpleasant smell! ("naturalWidth"in a&&"naturalHeight"in a))return{};for(var d=0;a=c[d];++d){var e=a.getAttribute("data-pagespeed-url-hash");e&&(! Bloomy rind cheeses, like Brie are what we called mold ripened; this basically means that, during the cheese making process a mold culture is introduced and actually becomes the white colored rind of the cheese. Oh, to have a good cheesemonger instead of a “cheese island” in the supermarket. It was a close cousin to Camembert and a ripe cousin to Brie. Excessive anything is never good so it will be up to the individual consumer to decide what is palatable. A small plug for my shop – All customers are allowed to taste most of our cheeses. I opened the Le Rustique first as it was “leaking”!The worst big-time ammonia blast has been stinking the whole fridge and, thus, the house! Also, before serving Brie, you should leave it out for at least 30 minutes so that the ammonia can dissipate and the cheese can reach room temperature. Exposing the cheese to air will help dissipate this aroma. My father and I would take trips on the Union Pacific and after dinner he would order wheat crackers and Leiderkrantz cheese along with a nice snifter of brandy. It is what it is. I just had teh very same thing happen to me, I gota nice round of brie – it was completely white and had been refridgerated. Bad cheese will smell of ammonia. Favorite Answer. If your brie tastes like pure ammonia, and the taste gets up into your nose and feels like ammonia — it’s bad. I’m a firm believer that what’s good for the crowd is usually more important than what’s good for you and you alone. We try not to intimidate. Brie does not necessarily have to be “pure white”. Jack Morgan However, serving cheese at a party or for an appetizer … This some-what offensive aroma results when the cultures used to make the cheese consume and convert the proteins in the curd into ammonia. Now I know that it is normal – and I will try leaving at room temperature for a while … if that doesn’t help, they’ll still go in the bin! It still smelled bad and the pointy end of the wedge was a caramel brown when cut as opposed to creamy. If it sat out long, the ammonia smell would creep up..and it could occasionally smell like (gasp) old sneakers….but was it ever GOOD! The answer is up to who will use it and for what purpose. I certainly hope so. It tastes so good … will air it out and then maybe the sense of smell can enjoy along with the taste buds.

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