Because it was relatively inexpensive, up until the 1880s, molasses was the most popular sweetener in the United States. There are a few ways to incorporate sorghum into your cooking: Sorghum syrup: “Sweet sorghum,” a species of sorghum with a higher sugar content in its stalks, is made into a sweetener that also goes by the name sorghum molasses.In the Southern United States, tangy-sweet sorghum syrup is drizzled over biscuits for breakfast, but you can also use it on pancakes, grits, and other hot cereals. Note: If your molasses is in a glass container, you can heat it in its container instead of pouring it into a pan. How to replace molasses. Molasses cooking information, facts and recipes. You can substitute it in recipes that call for brown sugar or even those calling for honey or maple syrup. A thick, strong flavored syrup, produced as a by-product when sugar is refined through several boilings of sugar cane or sugar beets. We talked with Atlanta-based healthy chef and cookbook author Nancy Waldeck to get the 411 on molasses – the different types, ways to use it in cooking … Cooking molasses is a blend of both fancy and blackstrap varieties, and offers a good middle ground. Molasses will keep for several years; so as long as it still looks and tastes good, it's still OK to use. Thanks!Sent by AmandaEditor: Amanda, this is super old-fashioned, but I love molasses on cornbread! Blackstrap molasses is celebrated for a variety of skin-related benefits, including anti-aging, exfoliating and softening. How to Use Molasses. Like fish sauce, pomegranate molasses is one of those ingredients that you use sparingly in cooking, but can only seem to buy in huge bottles. Try using it in some of these methods: The dark color and full flavor of molasses is essential in … To use blackstrap molasses as a nourishing face wash, simply dilute slightly with … Molasses is about two-thirds as sweet as regular sugar. Use it for darker, less-sweet baked goods, like brown bread. It is also used as a remedy against skin conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea. Q: I have a lot of molasses left over from making a batch of gingerbread cookies over the holidays.What else can I make with molasses that is NOT reminiscent of Christmas?

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