Recording the double bass — aka upright bass — takes more than throwing up the nearest mic in front of an f-hole. The gig is taking place in an acoustically dead theatre space, so miking is important. Montreal Bass Day brought in a number of different clip on mics for the upright bass. Set the bass strings' mic to the left channel and the treble strings' mic to the right channel.Run a test performance by playing the piano and adjust both mics as necessary. I've got a one-night show next week featuring an acoustic guitar and and an upright bass. The search for the perfect live mic for upright bass players. I have a great bass player who is curious about the best setup to help his upright bass sound when he plays out. On its own, the bass isn’t overwhelmingly loud, particularly when compared with amped guitars and drum kits. Miking an upright bass for live performance. This is often an issue in the studio, where you need to mic yourself in order to be recorded. In noisy stage situations, adjust the mics to about six inches away from the strings, instead of 12 inches away. If you are a drummer, then you have likely encountered the problem of miking your kit at some point. Usually he is just miced up with some dynamic mics or DI strait to amp. How To Mic Drums For Live Performances. I have quite a bit of experience recording upright bass but my question is for live performances. It obviously depends on the music and the venue -- but nothing sounds more natural, when amplifying or recording your bass, than a microphone. This will help to minimize the stage noise and bleed problems from other instruments. Good mic technique is critical to capture this subtle and beautiful instrument. Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, someone told a recording engineer that all of the good sound in an upright bass came from the f-hole, and that a microphone should be placed only inches away from this magic place. If you want to add this boominess to the sound from your pickup, (maybe it’s to make up for the lack of low end from a piezo pickup, in your bass or you just like more boominess than what naturally possible from an upright bass), but it doesn’t make sense to spend $700 on a flat frequency response mic to just to boost boominess, nor are you getting a true tone from your bass. By Justin Peacock .

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