So the line will not die with me after all. I love my name When I was young I was always called’ Margaret’, but it never felt like ‘me’. Over the years I have also had a few magical names that I have only ever used within the privacy of my Druid Grove. On websites or similar, I’m Tuatha, or Tuathabheag It’s difficult to put the meaning into English, but sort of means a little north Not very understandable if you don’t know Gaelic People I’ve spoken to who have Gaelic understand immediately know what it feels I’d like to chose An Cailleach I have an incredibly soft spot for her. Thank you…I think sometimes you ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ – I am familia with Nike, what a silly sausage I am. Well it is a good job I look after the birds…Many Blessings x, fascinating post, Damh! . Meaning to "The January Man" song lyrics. She loves it but it was by accident lol. 6:26 PREVIEW Green and Grey. . In retrospect I think this was mainly due to lack of experience. Thanks for sharing Damh- I’m always intrigued by how people come by their pagan names. But it has served me well. So we have our given names. 2. Would it be, well, a bit pretentious? I now, years after writing the below, have many more given and taken names with much greater good intentions behind them: Like a day skating down the edge of a mercurial sidewalk or driving a labyrinthine roadway in a metal car with your tongue, Like a balded goddess in a DeKooning painting, naked, enthroned for three hours, tattooed all over, radiant onstage, singing in the light of a projector— sometimes weltschmerzian, old, sometimes regal when she can manage it sometimes letting things glow as they will, like the moment when Scalagug, Mordred and Liwi all agreed and raised their voices as one, and their quickening flow thrust out in its balance and became her, used her body for good, for pure gesture, clean, clean saying what they had to say, what they couldn’t say for decades, decades, tens of years, Like thinking the world’s going to crack like a bunch of bones. My brother’s named Dave, but just apparently changed it to ‘David’ quite recently, I heard…. So there we are. I like that. Damh, I suppose we all have different aspects (universes) inside us that emerge when appropriate to natural flow. A look of recognition fell across his face, “Lucifer, oh Lucifer, why do you appear to me? It is very funny, because I was amongst those who thought you were called “dam”. Perfect. Angus was one due to my obsession with AC/DC and I like that one, but it didn’t last long. At the garden centre where I work, people in the nursery department call me Bruce because I once mentioned my middle name was Lee and as for my surname, Draper, well it speaks for itself. These names changed as my life-flow changed. exquisitely, surged to lurch out her chest. Green and Grey lyrics belongs on the album The Cauldron Born. I think it’s a name I needed to grow into — after all, the Blessed Virgin is the closest thing Christianity has to a Goddess. What’s in a name? Green and Grey Early one morning, round the first of May. In Pagan circles many people take different names. A 'Green and Grey' (Damh the Bard elöadásában) forditása Angol->Török Nature, Myth, Magic and Music I also like David. My name Suzanne Thomas, is a name that fits me perfectly, my parents chose the Suzanne, and I chose to take my husbands surname when we got married, Suzanne Thomas, thats me, thats my magical name, thats my true name. Damh The Bard – Green And Grey Lyrics. But what beheld him within that place? Grandmother has called me by it. Some public, others secret, only used in magical space. He did know a smattering of Gaelic and he is a fairly smart fellow, a physicist to be exact. Interesting, though, that here in Germany, a kind of deer is called “Dam-hirsch(deer)”. I did use those names as ‘middle names’ for a bit, then, got married, name changed, etc. Early one morning, around the first of May, A man in black came walking, into a woodland glade, Following the sounds of pipes on this beautiful Spring day, High on the music that they made. Then we somehow obtain nicknames. . Silversmiths? For instance, when I needed to feel freedom the Seagull came to me, and for a very difficult period of my life I took one of the names of the Gull as my magical name, as the bird taught me to fly free, to survive. But I never forgot the Catholicism of my early childhood and the Virgin Mary sort of became my “gateway drug” into the Goddess movement and then Paganism. Nature, Myth, Magic and Music You want dominion over this place.” The Piper smiled, and to the priest he said, “I was Lord of Animals, the Wild Hunt I led, Until your God came here and with his jealous hand, It was he who wanted dominion over this land.

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