Hiding in the valleys of Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland there is a small flock of Jacob sheep. Rustic, Undyed Laceweight. Number 2 Chalk . 2, see the Forever Mittens (adult size) by Carrie Bostick Hoge from the No. The sunbleached tips of the fleece blend sensationally to provide flecks of lightness on this bouncy yarn. Weight: 4ply/Sport The gentle twist and bouncy fibers trap plenty of air to create a warm and even fabric. It's warmer tones whilst remaining a dependable neutral. The other two are based in Wiltshire and Somerset in England. No harmful chemicals or inputs are used during processing. Read more about Garthenor. Garments knit in Driftwood at first glance look like a solid ecru shade, but the depth and intricacy of the two undyed shades shine through. Cove & Ammonite are plied together to form Coast. Beautifully woollen spun into a light and airy Heavy 4ply/Sport weight, Number 2 is a warm workhorse yarn. To achieve its final form, we use an Italian-made ring twister. A rich, hearty brown, like a cup of coffee. To create the subtle, complex pair of bases that make up Preseli, they're mill-blended as tops before spinning. The tangled mass of clean fibres following scouring start to get sorted, initially during blending, and then during carding. A clean, creamy white. This initial sorting gives us the basis to pay the farmer and group together similar wool types for storage. 35m per 10g skein, 175m total (approx) Manx Loaghtan in Moorit = approx 180 yd (165 m), Bluefaced Leicester & Longwool blend in Sandstone = approx 131yd (120 m), Jacob in Whitewash = approx 153 yd (140 m), Shetland in Charcoal = approx 147 yd (135 m), Shetland in Moorit = approx 164 yd (150 m), Shetland in Chalkboard = approx 158 yd (145 m). Garthenor adds a slightly looser twist than most to trap plenty of air in this lofty woollen spun marvel. As with most marls, this will work best on plainer stitches - think stockinette and garter. Shale is comprised only of pure white and deep black fleece. Very rarely found in commercial English Romney flocks, this was quite a delight. MwSt., zzgl. Boulder is the coolest of our Shetland grey tones - an ashy, heathered shade with flecks of white throughout. Garthenor Number 3 - DK weight Garthenor Organic. (yardage varies by breed type, see list below) sport weight yarn, 100% wool. With fewer than 1,500 breeding ewes remaining, finding a flock large enough to grow the volume of fleece we need would seem like a challenge, but we've worked with this Wiltshire flock for over 15 years. Number 6. To be able to source organic fleece in quantities to spin is truly special, and this marl celebrates the creamy white and cool grey of Cove and Ammonite by twisting them together into a warm and bouncy 4ply. Colour. If the order gets to us before midday, we dispatch the very same day, Quick delivery, and free over £99 worldwide, or just £49 in the UK, To keep your knits in top condition, we recommend a warm hand wash (about 30°C / 85°F), Use a small amount of your favourite gentle wool wash. For every skein of yarn we produce, we offset about twice the carbon footprint through sustainable, ethical initiatives, as well as responsible farming practices here at Garthenor. Garthenor Number 4 - Aran/Worsted Garthenor Organic. We add a slightly looser twist than most to trap plenty of air in this lofty woollen spun marvel. Number 2. Covid-19: Orders are being dispatched twice a week, every Tuesday + Friday. The short, crimpy fibres of the Dorset Horn fleece produce a sensationally lofty and airy yarn - nice and warm! Add to Basket. Qty. With fewer than 3000 breeding ewes in the UK, Dorset Horn are a rare, special breed. Excl. Tax: €8.22 Incl. A taut, crisp tension within the fibre is evident, giving a wonderful texture to garments. 3 plump plies combine to produce our Aran yarn, Number 4. At grading, we assess four separate characteristics - Breed, Colour, Age and Openness (if a fleece is felted, or cotted). About Garthenor Organic. However, given the spectacular variety of wools within a single fleece, there is no substitute for sorting each individual fleece before scouring. About as dark as a natural shade comes, the occasional silver fleck adds a subtle complexity that's impossible to replicate using dye. The heathered depth of colour is achieved by blending up to 8 different shades of raw … Ash provides a perfect backdrop to warmer colourwork patterns. Bespoke spun in the UK, we hope you'll love using them as much as we loved creating them Core Undyed Yarns Number 1 Lace Discover Number 1 Number 2 4ply Discover Number 2 Number 3 DK Discover Number 3 Number 4 Aran Discover Number 4 Number 5 C SKU: N/A Category: Yarn Tags: GOTS, Organic. At the end of this drawn out process, the final steps are to twist the skeins ready for sale - known as noddling, and slip on our label. For us, there's simply no better reflection of the landscape that surrounds us than pure organic wool. Warm, Bouncy 4ply. Their gentle twist and bouncy fibres trap plenty of air to create a warm and even fabric. This mesmerising machine crosses the yarn back and forth to keep an even tension and consistent length for each skein. Back from the mill on big cones, we need to ply the single ends of yarn together. $ 13.00. Das erste Strickgarn weltweit, dass GOTS zertifiziert ist. Garthenor Number 2 - 4ply/Sport Garthenor Organic. Goshawk 2. Hot, steamy, pungent air hits you in the face with the smell of wool as you reach the scourers. Number 1. Totally undyed and fully certified organic. Two of them, Fossil and Peat are plied together here to form a rich and moody marl. For us, there's simply no better reflection of the landscape that surrounds us than pure organic wool. When blocked, a suprising lustre comes to the fore, which is even more evident once twisted into a 4ply. From pale, pebble grey to almost black, the wonderful heathering brightens any garment. The name Rigging was inspired by old sailing ships - the weathered white ropes of the rigging perfectly encapsulate this undyed shade. After shearing, the wool arrives at Garthenor Farm as tightly rolled fleeces. Sheep to Skein: A Fibre Journey A great base for richer colourwork, pair with Pebble or Fawn in undyed tones or use the bright marine blues of Pentland to bring light. The longer fibres - about as long as we can spin using the woollen system - add more weight and drape than some of the other Number 1 yarns. This tiny batch is a reflection of how unsual the fibre is, the streaks of several shades of grey in this silver base add interest and character. Versandkosten. The wonderfully even tone will add a robust, moody base for any garment, but elevated by the occasional silver fibre showing through - a beautiful characeristic of this historic breed. Garthenor Number 2 . From sheep to skein, Number 2 only has two things added - a gentle detergent, and a light spinning oil. This yarn is beautifully woollen spun into a light and airy four ply weight. Hiding in the valleys of Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland there is a small flock of Jacob sheep. The dark, rich brown-black fibres of the fleece are selected for Peat. Sourced from the same farm as our North Ronaldsay, Galway wool has a totally unique handle. 15 They use this yarn for their hand knitted socks. They use this yarn for their hand knitted socks. Spun with Integrity. Excl. $ 21.75. Sold Out. Timelessly elegant and practical. Once we've skeined the yarn, it's in for its second wash. Our soft, Welsh spring water bubble up at the top of the farm, and is the secret to bulking and relaxing our yarns, allowing them to breathe. Two ends of Number 1 are gently twisted together to form our 4ply/Sport weight yarn, Number 2.

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