Do you use a 500K volume pot for your bridge humbucker and have brighter-sounding single coils, or vice versa? * Can i keep the 250k pots & install the hotrail Instead of splitting the humbucker 50 / 50, it’s more like 70 / 30 and provides you with a warmer single-coil tone. Click the link to hear this in a Strat. Richmond VA 23227 | (804) 358-2699 | I've done the HB P90 combo before, so I'm just thinking of trying something different to do. The neck position is already dark as it us, and with a humbucker in there, it’s extra dark. Hello, this is also a question like Mike’s above. This guitar came with their whisper(?) I was initially thinking of getting a mid output Bridge, something like 10-12k (thinking the Suhr SSV or SSV+) and a Classic Stack Plus Strat from SD in the Middle. When u have 250k pots you could cutoff the tonepot (1x250k = also 250k) Your guitar has a 250K volume pot, and your bridge pickup sounds awesome. Suddenly you have three neck pickups to choose between. I spoke to Lindy and he told me to research his 3 Humbuckers that are designed to work with 250 pots. My Goal is to be able to get nice bright lead tones with some twang and fullness from the single coil that I choose, and a hard biting rock & roll sound from my bridge pickup. Let’s walk through a few different scenarios and solutions to see which one might fit! The perfect pickup arrangement as far as I'm concerned, particularly if the 'bucker is splittable, and making the neck a P90 is also a good option. All this is to be done taking into consideration that am choosing an hss auto-split mode. Sure would … Here’s a nice video demo of a P-Rails in the neck position of a Tele: Don’t usually use a tone control, so was thinking going with 2 volume controls. Went to Fenders website and couldn't find one. The P90 in the neck will see the 500K volume pot as normal, and the bridge will see a 242K pot (close enough to 250K for us). Fralin Pickups will be closed Thursday & Friday (November 26th & 27th) in observance of Thanksgiving. Full disclosure … I have not played this guitar much live … opting for my #1 … an early 70s Les Paul. Will this work? Choose the most compatible pickup outputs and tone. I have no skill in this area and would like to be able to do it myself. Luckily, the pots are cheap! If you find the humbucker too dull/damp then try this: A humbucker sounds best having 250k (vol 500k + tone 500k = 250k) Not sure about this one. Don’t usually use a tone control, so was thinking going with 2 volume controls. He's powered by Jazz Guitar, Vietnamese Food, Hiking, and Beer. It’s brighter-sounding than a 250K, and darker-sounding than a 500K pot. [email protected]. But I’m going to keep the standard wiring setup and was curious if I should try the 300K pot for the typical volume/tone/3-way or if I should leave the 250K or possibly even consider swapping for a 500K volume pot? Loads of Charvels and ESPs had this configuration. I ended up deciding to keep my neck HB with hopes that 500k pots would fix the issue. Hit all the right stuff, Your email address will not be published. It’s really hard to tell – you can definitely experiment. It's a bit too clean but the contrast in dynamics is too much, the bridge pickup sounds a lot more muted due to the lack of twang. For instance, Blues and Super High Output Split Blades sound best with 500K pots, making them perfect for HSS guitars and Telecasters. After that i can insert a treble bleed between the 2 lugs of the volume pot to retain the volume when it’s turned down. I was considering installing a 500k tone pot to pair with the 250k Volume. Really, the only way you can make this happen is to go with the 500K pot on your guitar and have a nice and chimey middle position. What a marvelous combo- the neck HB now sounds great, the bridge is phenomenal, the middle is perfect. You can without any problem. Did this with five way switching in a Tele with a neck HB. I recently bought a Fender Shawn Mendes Foundation Musicmaster. Well, I ended up researching just about all of his pickups. A full humbucker, to give power and growl; a P-90, for attitude and definition; and a single coil, for more traditional Telecaster neck tones. Burned my brain to get it working….LOL, Interested in how you did this wiring; do you have a pic or illustration of the circuit that worked for you? I was thinking of the type of thing like Vito's guitar above. I have a G&L Bluesboy. I think I was able to preserve the essence of the guitar’s design without any compromises. I swapped the bridge out with a Fralin split steel pole Tele. other than in Telecasters. Beaten to it was gong to mention the Vela and the page Hamilton esp. So the question is: It is possible make your SOLUTION # 4 (470K resistor) on this topic to kick in for both Bridge and Neck just when split to single coils with the push/pull pot? You can use a 500K pot for a master volume, and run a ~470K resistor off the switch from your bridge position and running it to ground. Almost sounds like 2 different guitars. Starting from those pickups I wired a circuit with 1Meg Aud pots as volume and tone. Is that much of a thing? Before I decided to explore new pickups I recently discovered a Telecaster (70s) that has 2 humbuckers. You could replace your volume pot with a 300K pot, and you might find that your pickups meet in the middle. Once upon a time you couldn't help but fall over the damn things. the pot is 500 k and i have a seymour duncan pegasus wired for coil split and a seymour duncan ssl5 in the neck. 500k volume, 250k tone with the single coil, 500k tone with the humbucker… different caps for each. For HSS. What suggestions would you have for this pickup configuration. I have come into possession of a Fender Bullet USA with two single coil pickups. or Standard) as two different animals when it comes to tone and output. Planning on replacing the pickups very soon. I get it all. One other idea: I’ve wired a similar guitar with a 1M volume pot and a second 1M bleeder potentiometer wired in parallel that acts like the “resistor to ground” approach but allows you to vary the resistance. any help? "Take these three items, some WD-40, a vise grip, and a roll of duct tape. (This guitar has a Tex/Mex Strat single oil for bridge and a Player series humbucker for neck). Note that i’ve read reviews about the hot rail I’ve mentioned earlier saying that it certainly needs a 500k volume pot to get its full sound. I'm listening to White Lion at the moment (for some reason I've been revisiting a lot of 80s hard rock and hair metal recently)... and I just remembered that Vito Bratta used HS guitars, ESP Strats, in the early days, although he was probably more associated with Steinbergers later on. It's a great combination if, like me, you hate muddy neck humbuckers. I have a Fender Strat Elite with 2 single coil pups and one Shawbucker. This is what I do, and works great with low output humbuckers. I’m not opposed to changing out the pups. I think this will give me a larger tonal range including a boost to the upper end? If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! I have a similar problem and i think ill just add a little toggle switch instead. In 1952, it became even bassier when Fender swapped over to … HSS Strats, Telecasters, and other mixed-pickup guitars all have this problem, and most of the time, it goes overlooked by the guitarist. You should see how the 5 way switch is connected. It’s hard to put this guitar down now. It’s been a daunting task doing all of this research. Related … not a techie here so I’ll have to have the new pups installed … assuming I go that way. I have a Thinline 72′ Telecaster with 2 Wide Range Humbuckers Reissue (not Cunife), and changed the original 250K volumen and tone pots for 500K volume and tone, and also made the split coil with push/pull mod. bridge. This has been a very informative bit of info! Here’s a nice video demo of a P-Rails in the neck position of a Tele: All my pot are 250k. Are usually brighter than humbuckers in tone, Usually need 250K Volume Pots due to their brightness.

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