These in-line sealed tuners are great for popular guitar designs like the Fender Stratocaster or the Telecaster. But, in comparison to the advantages and ease of use they provide, they remain a positive and good addition to any compatible guitar. This is so effective sometimes that some guitarists wholly forgo looping their strings on the post when they use a locking tuner. As I restrung the guitar, I could clearly notice a clear difference in ease of tuning compared to my stock hardware. Tall post tuners are used for the wound strings and shorter post tuners are used for the plain strings. These Wilkinson tuning keys would make stock Stratocaster tuners look like crude parts indeed. If you do have the right guitar though, it is extremely easy to install. Order now and we expect to ship within the next 30 days. Use this to line up the holes for your Fender Standard or Locking Tuners on a new guitar neck. Set of six locking tuners designed to fit most modern-style Fender electric guitars with dual-pin mounting configuration. You can check the measurements on the old tuners just to be sure. The 18:1 ratio on its tuning gears provides just the right amount of control, especially when using extra light gauge strings that are more sensitive to minute adjustments. I found them easy to install and they stay in tune for a good time. You will find the alignment of the mounting screws perfect and that they will fit with the right amount of pressure without damaging the wood of your guitar. Be the first to know about new products, featured content, exclusive offers and giveaways. People who don’t play classical guitar don’t often realize the care and complexity of the instrument itself, so many first time learners don’t pay attention to their guitar’s hardware. All rights reserved. Learn more about Fender electric basses. If you have a Fender Telecaster or Stratocaster with a locking tuner system, you will be able to drop your replacements right in. Even though they look almost the same, not all tuners are made equally. Locking tuners are standard features on the company’s American Deluxe line of guitars. Here I tried out the inline sealed electric guitar tuning pegs. Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Guitar Tuning Machines, The 6 Best Acoustic Guitar Pedals Reviews, Musiclily 6-in-line Sealed Electric Guitar String Tuning Pegs, Wilkinson 6 Inline Chrome E-Z Post Guitar, Economy Sealed Tuning Keys Set for Electrics guitar;fit 13/32 inch (10mm) standard machine head hole, Material: alloy metal ; Gear ratio 15:1; Color: Chrome, Head size is 1/16 inch (18mm)width; 6-in-line set, Package Includes: 6 pcs guitar machine heads. Fender is an iconic brand in the guitar world. Please wait while we search for any available online dealers. Top 6 Guitar Tuning Machines: Comparison Chart, #2: Musiclily 6-in-line Sealed Electric Guitar String Tuning Pegs, #4: Wilkinson 6 Inline Chrome E-Z Post Guitar, #5: Mr.Power Classical Guitar Tuners Machine, #6: Hipshot Grip-Lock 6 inline Enclosed 21mm. Basically, this means that if you tune up, it will lock its position to prevent it from tuning down so that the guitar stays in tune. The problems begin when guitarists attempt to do the very thing that the locking tuners do away with: the need to wrap your string around the post. Different tuner designs will act differently on a Stratocaster, than on a Telecaster or a Les Paul. QUICK CHANGE - Grip-Lock tuners make changing strings a breeze. These tuners work with non-Fender guitars too. Neck (Plus Bridge When Push/Push Switch Is Activated) Fender deluxe locking machine heads can be used with guitars that originally did not have locking tuners if the installation location matches. However, a locking tuner does improve the overall capability of your electric guitar to remain in tune for longer, as well as makes it easier to replace strings when they break. Just make sure you check the actual dimensions on your guitar, as the myriad of models and factories these guitars come from has made compatibility a more complex issue than before. Last update on 2020-11-27 / Affiliate links (#ad) / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. A jig tool for the pins at the back may be helpful as you would have to drill them yourself. Here we will look at several of the best guitar tuners available on the market today. You would probably find that the quality of these tuners is comparable to the best machine heads in the market today. You will have no problems with such a simple stringing process. There are other ways to do it or you could perhaps make your own jig. The second thing to check out is the hole for the tuning posts themselves that can vary with your guitar maker. Best Locking Tuners for Les Pauls. Please note these are NOT locking tuners, these are just Wilkinson special E-Z Post tuners.These are factory direct parts with our own packaging for Wilkinson.There is plastic protective film covered on the Logo 'W', please peel off the film after you install the tuners. There are a lot of things that would make tuning pegs great on one guitar but would render it incompatible to the next. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. As I played using the guitar I installed these tuners, I found that the stretching of the skin was one of the more prevalent causes of losing my tuning. Even if the holes are the same size, different tuners use specific methods to mount on the guitar. Chrome, 3 Per Side. Are there any downsides to a locking guitar tuner? All Rights Reserved. The best replacements would be the ones that will not look out of place on your guitar, and are able to keep tune during your common session length. This is a feature many other guitars simply do not have, so it makes sense for some to upgrade their simple tuners to this particular type. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. During installation, I left almost no slack in the string and I was surprised that even when you string it as straight as possible, the grip remained strong during tuning. EASY AND FAST SETUP - The UMP (Universal Mount Plate) enable upgrades without drilling or screwing. No matter the quality of your guitar or guitar type and brand, this Fender locking tuner is ideal for you to use. Contact your local dealer for operating hours. No. Even though they are not locking tuners, the good build quality and high 19:1 tuning ratio make them great for tone sensitive work while holding tune for a good while. Skip to main content Skip to footer site51273888003967 site5127474166806421918 Clearance 361333 Fender Locking Tuners site51273888003967 false You make use of the posts to hold on to the strings on tuners, some guitars will play and look better with linear or staggered tuning posts. Do I need to install a locking guitar tuner? Many dealers are open and/or accepting online or phone orders based on guidance from health and government authorities. Insert the string through the post hole, wrap around once, then lock by tightening with the thumb screw. Please try again later - we are experiencing technical difficulties. Stringing such guitars will often require practice just to get it working. Measuring 10.4 ounces, the Fender locking tuners is one of the most popular choices in the market. There are no real downsides to using a locking guitar tuner. GREAT TUNING PRECISION - Ultra smooth 18:1 gear ratio for fine tuning. This means that Fender-style hardware is also very common to find on non-fender guitars. I found that the build quality is nothing short of excellent and the tuners themselves feel significant. First off, this set of tuners make changing strings a whole lot faster when compared to regular tuners. Please check back later or close this window and click the "NOTIFY ME WHEN AVAILABLE" button to receive an email when this item is back in stock. The gold accents and design on the black background are reminiscent of classic handmade flourishes on old musical instruments. I understand that my information will be shared with the dealer and may be used by the dealer to facilitate this contact. Learn more. Some musicians make use of their tuners as a way to adjust tune, relying fully on the locks for preventing any kind of slippage.

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