Economist e1b8. They really like VKs, and they probably punch you a bit too hard in the arm when they make a joke at your expense.” – Luke, Theatre Studies, Middlesex, “PE teachers.” – Max, American Studies, Leicester, “With all the pizzaz of someone who just went to uni for the sake of it, you studied Theatre because it promised you three years of acting, directing and generally hogging all the limelight. It was the only thing that ever made sense to you because it was so logical. In final year you have a careers appointment. But there are a lot of people on this planet, and we cannot simply add or delete them as we see fit (ethically, anyways). The econ major quickly shifts their gaze back to the symbol shuffling in front of them. It was the only thing that ever made sense to you because it was so logical. Soccer Player. While econ majors are self-aware of their greed, they are often not-so keen on fulfilling their desires by exchanging value for value. As a result of this newfound knowledge, I often find myself hesitating to tell others that I, indeed, started out as a communications major. Business students are constantly on the defense that their degree is as challenging, if not more challenging than any other. You won every Gold Award at the UK Maths Challenge and you didn’t even pretend to be surprised. Econ is a zero-sum game which must be dominated by degree-holding economists. English students are all going to end up as teachers. While university students of other majors may dance around this topic, asserting they are primarily concerned with abstract, difficult to get a handle on things like "the common good" or even "the environment" [2], econ majors are near invariably straight up about their like for the $$$s. Quiz: Can you guess the I’m A Celebrity contestant from their baby pictures? You’ve accepted the fact that you will end up becoming a slave to the system.” –, “You thought you would make some groundbreaking discoveries as a Psychology undergrad and read people’s minds, but instead you ended up having to convince your mates to do hundreds of pointless questionnaires.”, “The uni equivalent of the jocks in American high schools. Or cares.” –, “We get it: you idolise Lenin or Margaret Thatcher. The reality is, you’ll be auditing businesses that build components of printing cartridges, stuffed into a windowless box room and flicking through dusty files.” – Tom, Classics, Nottingham, – Bobby, English Language & Literature, Leeds, “All you’ve really learned from your degree is that doing English means you can still maintain your ‘going out three times a week and still get a 2:1’ lifestyle.”- Lauren, English Language, Oxford Brookes, “Your uni didn’t do a straight English Lit course, so you had to spend your first year writing linguistic analyses of scenes from the Big Bang Theory instead of reading angsty novels like you’d planned.” – Bobby, English Language & Literature, Leeds, “You fell into the mysterious misunderstood artist category at school and felt like no one ever really understood how much you related to Jack Kerouac. You thought Sociology would help you understand how to climb the social ladder better, when really it gives you nothing to talk about at parties. Certainly, some students major in economics because it is a signal to future employers, but surely some find it interesting and stimulating in its own right. Worcester, MA. Please, anything else.” –, “You thought it was a good idea at the time and someone once told you you basically get two degrees in one but realistically you’ve fucked yourself over big time and continually have to write two essays for the same deadline at half the quality.” –, “Everyone knows successful journalists do academic degrees and then a Journalism master’s. I'm interested in what the most annoying stereotypes people say about your major are. In reality, you just wanted a year abroad in Florida.” – Luke, Theatre Studies, Middlesex, “The humble Anthropologist doesn’t want for much in this world – they’ll settle for an explanation of the Carnac Stones or a place on a Geography course.” – Oli, Politics, Cardiff, “You applied to study Classics, got rejected everywhere, and scraped into Ancient History through clearing.” – Hugh, Classics, King’s, “You’ve seen Raiders of the Lost Ark one too many times, and your mum says you look dashing in a fedora. All the evidence we missed that Maura and Chris were together before they announced it, Quiz: If you can name these posh foods you should go on MasterChef: The Professionals, This is how much the 2020 I’m A Celebrity contestants are getting paid, TikTok has just discovered where vanilla flavouring comes from and it is gross, This is how to play the True American drinking game from New Girl.

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