These are my versions of various exercises that have been passed down from one creative generation to another. Hello and welcome to my OCA learning blog. The goal of any self-assignment is to spur creativity, solve problems, learn new techniques, and challenge yourself. Home; ASSIGNMENTS. Personally, I think that the text collages are the least successful – and probably most disparate – of my images so I will abandon that idea for now. This assignment will be due Thursday, December 6th, 2018. Even a person's arm can be a leading line of their face. My general thought is that butterflies and geology are intimately linked via the Anthropocene; both literally and figuratively. Take for example, my final assignment for the Landscape course ‘Ramifications’ (see below). Obviously, this is a very different process to “going out on a shoot” and taking one distinct set of photographs. Find water anywhere: lakes, streams, puddles, even the glass on your kitchen table. My intention was to generate hiatuses in the images in order to incorporate ideas about absence, loss and destruction into my work. Each and every image presented for this assignment started out by me asking the question “what if…?”  This is very typical of my personal voice, which is generally characterised by innovation/experimentation and alternative photographic techniques, both used to explore environmental examples of slow violence. Provide your own title for EACH of the two photographs. Use this opportunity to get familiar with a polarizing filter (a very useful tool in your camera kit) so you can accentuate or eliminate reflections. How did you do? I would like viewers to see my images and ask themselves questions about what I’m doing and why but also, to ask themselves questions about their own interactions with the landscape. The next images are physical collages of my own butterfly cut-outs, and text and industrial imagery extracted from magazines. for my (beginner) photo class is school, our next assignment is our photos have to based on an idea. At the moment, my overriding concept is metamorphosis and butterflies are the classic biological example of this, which is why they feature so prominently in my imagery. People enjoy these photos because they've never seen an object from that viewpoint. In painting these served as studies of light and color. The same is true for exhibitions that I have visited or other work that I have seen. I already have an early version of this, which I prepared for a competition recently. Photography is a static medium which means that it doesn't move. Were you able to get good exposures on your own? Once you have an idea of color theory, take another photo excursion and put what you've learned into practice. Conceptual photography can involve expert editing skills and extravagant backdrops. That means that you will not look at the photographs you've taken until they are downloaded on your computer. What I will address however, is my hope that by working with ambiguous and metaphorical images, I can encourage viewers to bring their own thoughts, feelings and interpretations to my work. Choose an object that you see or interact with every day. That is why photographers love assignments; they give us a purpose and an idea of what to photograph. Conceptual photography assignment. Notice the difference between stopping the flow of water and allowing it to blur to create a real sense of movement. Title the assignment "Conceptual Photography Assignment." I then expanded on the idea of lumen printing by creating another set of images made from folded paper. It is an exercise in viewing a common object in a new way and examining its finer details. A classic assignment in photography schools, 'leading lines' is a popular and fun subject. CONCEPTUAL PHOTOGRAPHY Project Work, Research, Personal Vision. And I suspect that any text in the film clips would only distract the viewers from the visuals.

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