A green screen suggests no fever, a yellow screen suggests moderate fever and red suggests high fever. Clinical research shows the definition of fever changes as babies grow into toddlers, and toddlers into adults*. Free Call: 1800 655 841 Follow instructions above, but at step 3, select ‘Food & bath temperature mode’ by pressing and releasing the food & bath mode button. This warranty covers defects or Aim directly at the food or liquid, not at the sides of the container holding it. Again, this thermometer has clinically proven accuracy, an automatic shut off feature and handy storage/battery case included. Type: No touch + forehead (BNT 400) Measurement range: 34 °C – 43 °C (93.2 °F – 109.4 °F) Resolution: 0.1 °C (0.1 °F) Laboratory accuracy ± 0.2 °C (± 0.4 °F) for 35 °C – 42 °C (95 °F – 107.6 °F) The display will show the temperature reading. The Braun Touchless + forehead thermometer has been clinically tested and proven accurate when used in accordance to the instructions. Note: When measuring food or bath temperature, the thermometer must be aimed directly at the food or bath water. Monday – Friday (exc. All Rights Reserved. NOTE: you can silence the beep function in order not to wake a sleeping child – refer to instruction booklet for details. Position device on, or up to 5cm away from the centre of the forehead, just between the eyebrows. Business Hours: The first ever thermometer with the convenience of two clinically proven options to take temperature – completely non-invasive no touch or traditional forehead touch. The thermometer also signals with different “beeps” for different temperatures - a single 2 second beep after measurement if the temperature is in the acceptably low range, or with a series of 10 short beeps if it is moderate or high. Do not submerge. It is not available on the NTF3000US, IRT3030 or BNT400. Red: signals high fever. Admin LoginSite by Fastdesign, Braun Touchless + Forehead Thermometer BNT 400. User guidance system How a thermometer is positioned is vital to the accuracy of its results. Hold the thermometer steady while taking temperature – no need to ‘swipe’. 0 users rated this 2 out of 5 stars 0. Braun’s unique on-screen positioning system confirms proper distance for taking temperature and a gentle guidance light directs you to aim accurately. Safe & hygienic Fax International: (+61) 3 9542 0199, ABN: 13 004 809 161 Sophisticated design 6. Simply use the AgeSmart™ button to select the appropriate ages setting and take a temperature. All Rights Reserved. The ultimate in convenience, usability and peace of mind. Why Braun No touch + forehead? (w/o batteries), (2) AAA Batteries – at least 500 measurements. © 2017 All rights reserved. Email: cservice@fgb.com.au  4 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 4. It has a clear and easily accessible display that makes it easy to see your child’s temperature. Phone International: (+61) 3 9542 0100 It features patented Age Precision technology, an age-adjustable fever guidance which takes the guesswork out of the temperature reading. ©Felton Grimwade & Bosisto's 2016. External temperature can impact skin temperature. Oakleigh South VIC 3167 Learn more about unique ThermoScan® technology and why Braun ThermoScan® is the no.1 brand among doctors, Braun’s unique new AgeSmartTM technology helps you understand your child’s temperature, These products are manufactured under license to the ‘Braun’ trademark. This thermometer requires 2 “AAA” batteries. When the device is ready and correctly positioned, a horizontal line of dashes (“-----“) will appear on the screen. The unique dual technology means that you can take temperature two ways – by placing the thermometer on the forehead, and also by holding the thermometer in front of the forehead using the no touch mode. This function provides easy visual and audio cues to help users interpret fever status - particularly handy for tired or stressed parents or those who can’t remember the indications for a fever. Please refer to instruction booklet for full details and diagrams. Backlight will come on and the start up sequence begins. Position the device up to 6cm away from the bath water or food.

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