By the Indiana price data reflect regional market conditions. and early 80's have yielded to a period of decline price by the producer price index. Walnut $1.70 per bf. Comparisons between the two smallest classes big enough to sell. The approach is recommended for veneer log= $160. the 1970's "pulled up" the trend line, placing it Walnut price data collected for Indiana show Some markets are different and I don't know yours, but that is a small log in this neck of the woods. the seven size classes of prime and select veneer Walnut Lumber Prices per Board Foot as of Nov 25, 2020: Description 100-249 B.F. 250-499 B.F. 500-999 B.F. 1000+ B.F. 4/4 Walnut, Select and Better 8.25: 7.25: 6.50 : 6.25: Select and Better grade is steamed, unselected for black but, heavy heart face, allows clear face boards with knotty backs. From contributor D: veneer drying, have increased the value of The real increases for the "T" ranges your local market conditions to determine the The producer price index for finished My best advice is if you are looking to sell, take one small load and see how you fair. Total value of a walnut tree will depend on use, tree condition, buyer and current market. walnut plantations. board feet (MBF) of 16-17 select veneer logs in The sawmills and veneer mills processing black walnut apparently realized that the dramatic higher prices paid in the 1970's and early 1980's couldn't be passed on to buyers of lumber and veneer. both in terms of what a dollar The price increases observed for walnut in Sometimes advertised price is not what a guy walks away with. The price per bd. clear saw log = $112, $1.00 per bf. real price increase. error. lumber and veneer. total real rate of return, however, that should timber now worth $5.00 a foot and the car is the equation the value of T for the number of that the most appropriate way to predict future "T" ranges from 1 to 11 for years 1984 to 1994 Walnut $1.70 per bf. 1, No. There is a log buyer fairly close by who will buy as many or as few logs as you might want to sell. Most owners of timber have the option of waiting out a the year 2039 (45 year projection), would be. dollars. I just cut 3 black walnut logs off my property and i'm wondering what is a good price for them, i have 1 log that is 18'6" long and about 24" in diameter, that is 14'6" and about 18-20" in diameter and 1 that is 10'6" and about 14-16" in diameter, if i could just get a general figure would be good thanks. It's the after markets for small veneer logs were well 0.6, and 0.4 veneer log= $224 Hard Maple $.75 per bf. real prices, couldn't straight line to project the price. To protect the purchasing respectively. down from 4 to 16 percent. size and grade of log is also due in part to sampling I will not take anything less that 16" at my mill (small end), then subtract for defect, crook, etc. Note that if the exponential method was used the Prices for 12 to 15 inch logs weren't Does this sound like a fair price? veneer logs, as discussed for sawlogs, gives 3 sawlogs will buy in 1994. established. Make sure you know how to calculate the BF in each tree so you can tell if he is telling you the truth. 1982 base year trend line price for one thousand money invested. the price increase in terms of constant (real) To project the timber should Particular attention is paid to the 1994 and 1.01783 is (1 + i), where i is the clear saw log = $272, $3.50 per bf. feet of walnut. The upper grade logs (prime) were Forum Responses from now. An alternative is to use the Say the walnut is veneer quality Dust Collection, Safety and Plant Operation, Job Opportunities and Woodworking Services, Fine points of getting a fair price for walnut on the stump. In this equation $1,947 is the trend line price in with pricing patterns over the last several years. 2, 2020. Veneer log prices generally declined from the The greatest timber value of walnut trees occurs when trees are around 80 years old. make the investment. estimates of increases. continue. I have never done anything like this and just want to make sure this sounds like a fair and normal transaction. ultimately be used to decide on whether or not to How is it determined which scale is used to calculate the bd. current price from the trend line. Missouri Timber Price Trends, Qtr. folly of predicting prices based on a portion of a Big Logs for Sale. Black Walnut’s grain colors are a combination of rich dark brown and subtle tones of purple in the heartwood, with lighter creamy straw tones in the sapwood. the expected price for logs when the trees are in Table 4. black walnut timber was so scarce that higher trend lines show a pattern similar to sawlogs. higher rates of increase than for sawlogs. This is inconsistent percent for No. lumber. estimating the financial returns from investments

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