Her son Bharathi is a charming young doctor who follows his heart. This page was last edited on 27 November 2020, at 07:53. It premiered on 25th February 2019. Furious, he spills the truth, saying he isn't the father of the child, shocking Kannamma . Soundharya takes the dark-skinned baby with her to redeem herself for mistreating Kannamma while she was in the house . Bharathi Kannamma Cast & Crew - Get Tamil movie Bharathi Kannamma cast and crew, star cast details and information. Soundharya meets up with Varun on a road and confronts him . The show directed by Nimesh, S.Senthil Kumaran B.E and S.Bala. Bharathi Kannamma 25-11-2020 Vijay TV Barathi Kannamma 25.11.2020 Tamil Serial Online | Barathi Kannamma 25/11/2020 Vijay TV Serial 25th November 2020 Watch In a society where women get stereotyped basis appearances, will Kannamma and Barathi manage to break these boundaries and make a beautiful life for themselves? Durga accepts the deal and enters as the car driver especially for Kannamma. Ironically Bharathi is a Cardiologist and Venba is a Gynaecologist. AboutABOUT ILAYAVANMusic Director for more than 15 years in Music Industry. She works in a petrol bank . On Anjali's birthday, Bharathi marries Kannamma without anyone from either side and brings her to the birthday party. Venba is happy about this as she believes Soundharya will choose her to be Bharathi's second wife but is betrayed when Soundharya chooses someone else. Bharathi Kannamma Serial Kannamma (Roshni Haripriyan) Biography, Bharathi Kannamma Serial Bharathi (Arun Prasad) Biography. It is revealed that Venba is responsible for Bharathi's misconception. Bharathi Kannamma is a Tamil Family Melodrama which is being telecasted in Star Vijay TV. She did her Schoolings in Bangalore and completed her college Degree in Ethiraj College for Womens, Chennai. A dark-skinned innocent girl, But bold, talented, and intelligent also zeal and courageous lady and now she has a pretty twin baby girls, a tailor (2019–present), Arun Prasad as Dr. Bharathi Priyan: Kannamma's husband also Venba's love interest; Anjali's ex-love interest, Soundarya, and Venu's eldest son; Shanmugam and Shenbagam's son-in-law, Akhilan's elder brother and also the ex-boyfriend of Hema, a doctor. Venba becomes angry when she learns Bharathi is married and promises herself she will get him back. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. [citation needed], Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in India, Bharathi Kannamma, and all other Vijay TV shows were suspended as of 27 March 2020. This serial never fail to entertain its audience since the first day, This story about a black girl Kannamma who is ignored by the society and family for her appearance . The show is the official remake of Telugu television series … 1 Season 377 Episodes Drama PG Star Vijay. Bharathi Kannamma Serial 24-11-2020 Today Episode VijayTV Watch Online, பாரதி கண்ணம்மா, Bharathi Kannamma Serial VijayTV 24-11-2020 The show commenced telecasting new episodes from July 27, 2020, a one-hour special episode. Bharathi kannamma Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist Bharathi kannamma Famous Vijay tv show. United States, Europe, Malaysia, Mauritius and South Africa on Vijay TV and Vijay TV HD with English subtitles. She also acted with well known actors like Arun Prasad, Venkat, Rajkumar Manoharan and Rishi. The story revolves around the life of Kannamma (Roshni Haripriyan), a dark-skinned and pure-hearten girl. Soundharya starts to care for Kannamma as she bears the heir of their house. The next day Kannamma awakens and is shocked to hear about preparations of engagement. Bharathi initially doesn't care for the baby, but slowly begins to love her. It premiered on 25th February 2019. Venba approaches the serial killer Durga who only kills bad people. Famous model Roshni Haripriyan landed in lead role opposite Kannamma in the Show. They return from there and Venba manipulates Bharathi more and more so he blindly believes Kannamma is cheating on him. Vijay Tv Bharathi Kannamma is a Tamil Television Serial, Read The Synopsis, Episodes, Cast & Crew with Character names and Original names Kannamma's father learns of the engagement and stops it. Both Kannamma and Soundarya understood her true nature and try to save Bharathi from her brainwashing. She also hates Kannamma (2019–present), Sherin Jaanu as Thulasi: A Nurse in Bharathi's hospital also a good soul for Soundarya's family and Kannamma's friend (2020–present), Balaji as Babu: Venba's helper also Durga's enemy (2019–present), Lakshmi as Gomathi: An Stranger in an Orphanage also Venba's helper to destroy Kannamma (2020–present), Spoorthi Santhosh Rao (2019) as Young Anjali, Deepa Shankar (2019) as Shenbagam: Shanmugam's first wife; Kannamma's mother (Episode 1) (Dead), Alya Manasa as Hema Sr.: Bharathi's ex-lover. But Kannamma refuses. A betrayed Kannamma leaves the house saying she can't live in a house where her loyalty and love are questioned . Venba learns of this and convinces Durga she won't harm Kannamma anymore but Durga doesn't believe her and remains the car driver to protect Kannamma from Venba . It Starts Kannamma (Roshni Haripriyan), who has a dusky complexion who has to fight the social norm of not being fair-skinned in India. Arun Prasath made debut in television industry. Kannamma doesn't answer. [citation needed] The series also airs in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada. Currently, Kannamma believes the reports that she can't have children. Bharathi names his adopted daughter Hema after her (Dead) (2019), Uma Rani as Shenbagavalli (Episode 2, 3, 92, 93, 242, 243) (2019–2020), Madhumitha Illayaraja as Meenatchi "Meena" Sathasivam: Akhilan's love interest and his dream girl (2020), Madurai Mohan as Natraj: A person who helps Kannamma while she left home, he takes care of her, a hand carter (2020), Chenniamma as Petchiamma: Natraj's wife (2020), Rohini as Veni: An owner in petrol bunk (2020), Jeya Lakshmi as An Incharge in an Orphanage (2020), Babitha as Maheshwari Mahalingam: Soundarya's friend and Mahalingam's wife (2020), Yuvan Pattison as Prashad Mahalingam: Bharathi's friend and Mahalingam's son (2020). Bharathi Kannamma Serial features Roshni Haripriyan and Arun Prasath in the lead role with a supporting cast including Sweety, Senthikumari, Venkat and Raj Kumar. With Roshini Haripriyan, Arun Prasad, Sweety. If she accepts this, he will marry her in a temple. Akilan falls for Anjali while she maintains an immense crush on Bharathi Amidst this Bharathi and Kannamma frequently encounter each other and Bharathi is impressed by Kannamma's kindness and generosity. Director: Praveen Bennett She goes to her parent's house and confronts her father regarding him knowing the truth from the beginning and storms off . Senthikumari entered the show as the main antagonist of Bhagyalakshmi. Durga says Bharathi to protect Venba as he is in love with Venba . [1] The show is the remake of Malayalam television series, Karuthamuthu which is being aired on Asianet. Meyaadha Maan movie Fame Arun Prasath was Selected to Portray the lead role of Bharathi. She was born on 26th June 1995 and Brought up in Bangalore, Karnataka. Bharathi's first love in college. Bharathi Kannamma serial cast. Venba tells her paternal uncle that she has loved Bharathi from her college days. Vijay tv Serial Bharathi Kannamma 23rd November 2020 . One day Varun's interview airs on a channel and Soundharya is furious as Bharathi told her Kannamma cheated on him with Varun. After some insults, Soundharya allows Kannamma to be in the house and later Anjali marries Akhil but Anjali wants to get rid of Kannamma and Anjali and wants to marry Bharathi but she eventually fails and Soundharya senses odd behavior of Anjali and warns her to be a good wife and daughter-in-law or she will expel. She even killed Bharathi's first lover Hema and now she tried to kill his wife Kannamma on multiple instances (2019–present), Kanmani Manoharan (Sweety) as Anjali Akhilan: (Miss Chennai), Akilan's wife; Kannamma's half-sister; Shanmugam's younger daughter and Bhagyalakshmi's daughter, Anbukarasi's granddaughter.

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