If you want to use your own materials, please set the ingredient price to 0. It’s now kept current on GrumpyG, with Eminent’s permission. These are enabled via chapters you receive by talking to the Black Spirit and accepting the Bartali Adventure quests. Posted by 6 days ago. ... Sunrise Herb, Silver Azalea, Fire Flake Flower, Dry Mane Grass, Silk Honey Grass, Everlasting Herb, or Wild Grass ... 1 Clear Liquid Reagent3 Purified Water6 Ash Sap5 Farm Blood. UwU. To receive […] save. 1.5k. Completing the Calpheon main quest line is a requirement. Delphe Knight Armor. 128 comments. Meme. Sunrise Herb for Farming The Essence of Weaving ( Can be obtained through [Dialogue] Object) Artifacts of Tshira Ruins ( Can be obtained through [Dialogue] Serendian Soldier Who Saw Tshira Ruins) share. BDO recipe calculator and information for Pile Of Sunrise Herbs. BDO. Crafted in Calpheon It should say where on the herb description though. You receive each chapter one at a time. Originally written by Eminent (u/CadeGuitar), who generously published a Farming Guide in “Eminent’s Life Skill Guide“. This well-received, 260 page guide has been added to and edited by me. Certain locations DO have specific herbs with the actual name of the herb, but I can't bring any locations with Silver Azalea to mind. DAE. Sunrise Herb Crate Crafting Calculator Please update the ingredient prices according to your Region, in order to get accurate results. 1.5k. View Entire Discussion (3 Comments) More posts from the blackdesertonline community. On the week of February 5, 2019, Pearl Abyss released the Bartali Adventure Log quests for BDO. Costume: Critical Hit +1.

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