Combining those three issues, CT Sounds represents the solution with its Universal Bass Knob with Digital Voltmeter (Pushable ON/OFF for Amp). its quite nice and will work with any amp. the memphis bass knob isnt really a "bass knob" as in it plugs into the amp. JL Audio RBC-1 Bass Knob • Remote Bass Knob Control with Cable for Select JL Audio Amplifiers including Amplified Enclosures HX Series and Slash Series • Adjust the overall level of the amplifier from the front of the vehicle • Low-profile design for custom-look installations • Hardware included • Compatible with Select Slash JX Series Slash Series and Marine Series Amplifiers With RD Series and JX-Series mono amps, the RBC-1 controls the amp's subwoofer level, from full mute to full volume. Remote bass and control knobs offer users the input/output sources capable of dramatically enhancing the frequencies and decibel levels sent to each channel, and/or … Buy bass control knob for Amp. level 2. i have seen ones advertised on ebay but only for audiobahn amps. The typical P/J bass (passive pickups and no preamp) is meant to be a “best of both worlds” solution. This patent-pending technology offers remote gain control, a rotary pushable on-off switch and a digital volt meter display. go on memphis website and find a dealer in your area. With the Slash v2 amps, the RBC-1 takes the place of the amp's boost knob, allowing you to adjust your bass boost from 0 to 15 dB. Audio Control All Audio Control Accessories Amplifiers Amplifiers ... SHCA STANDARD COLORED BASS KNOB WITH MATCHING LEADS. Guitar/Bass Knobs at Europe's largest retailer of musical instruments - fast delivery, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 3-year Thomann warranty any suggestions on where to get one would be great. The neck position “P” pickup will provide the grind and depth of tone typical of a Fender Precision Bass. the memphis knobs go in like of your rca's that will amplify or completely cut off your bass. Control bass levels for your car audio system with a universal bass control knob that comes with necessary wiring and fitting attachments. thanks i am looking for a bass control knob to run through onto my dash for my pioneer gm-3300t amp.

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