I'm trying to plot this out. Turning the nut counterclockwise loosens it and increases neck bow. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Copyright 2020 Banjo Hangout. Using a small file, the string grooves in the banjo nut can be deepened to allow the strings to ride closer to the banjo neck. This is no big surprise, but it is surprising how fast the higher action comes into play- by the 1st fret and quite noticeably by the 3rd fret. As you work up the neck, the next fret clearances get lower and lower, faster. A good repairman, has to be a good detective. The key is to work slowly while taking frequent measurements and trial tunings for each string position that is worked on. But the heavier strings need less room to vibrate. With less neck relief, the next fret clearance is much more consistent and is considerably higher at the 9th and 12th frets. The depth of the nut notches aren't cut according to tone.Their (the notches) size and angle do control tone and accuracy,though. This makes the instrument difficult to play, and can leave your fingers sore after a short time of playing. OK, great - that makes more sense - thanks! I think you meant some other measurement greater than .018 at the 7th fret. The .018 at the 7th is with capo on the 1st and fretted at the 22nd, I believe. Stelling's Set-up System Proper banjo set-up must be done in stages so that repetition of steps done out of sequence is eliminated. He goes on to say, that with enough relief, the instrument becomes unplayable beyond the 9th fret, which I have also suspected would be the case with a low action. The key is to take accurate measurements of the fret height; this is the height from the fingerboard to the top of the wire frets.  ARCHIVED TOPIC: nut slot height, action and relief, Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. Once measured, arrange a set of feeler gauges to this height and then add another very thin feeler gauge to the top of the stack. I'm in definite agreement, that every person likes their banjo set up the way it works for them, and the way they play -- There is no perfect universal setup for everyone. How Do I Choose the Best Banjo Fretboard. Then the correct nut height can be determined by comparing the tonality produced by any given string open, with that produced by the same string when noted at the first fret, and then making the adjustment that will make the tone of both notes most similar. The increments are miniscule, and while this is very interesting to me (and probably others) vis-a-vis setup, I'm afraid nobody will be able to see anything if I post these. From Stelling web site. Ken. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link: http://www.banjohangout.org/archive/240867, uncle.fogey - Posted - 07/16/2012:  16:30:33. Height at 22nd fret is a little above 9/64. Nut slot is too deep: The bottom of the string should be 1/16” above the fingerboard at the nut. faulknej - Posted - 07/24/2012:  07:23:46. (5) String height above the 12th fret with relief. Click to browse current inventory! All Rights Reserved. If I assumed it was an even arc from the 20th fret to the nut, I'd be wrong. He correctly understands that most bluegrass players are playing in the first maybe second position, and all kinds of evils can be eliminated by raising the nut if you always play in G, thereby explaining the near universal popularity of raising the nut. . The nut is where the strings are aligned before they travel down the fingerboard of the banjo. http://www.banjohangout.org/archive/240867, 'Trade Stelling Sunflower for Stelling Crusader', 'Tune of The Week for Friday, November 27th, 2020: Porter's Reel'. If it is lower than this, the nut slot is too deep. Wow you guys are getting fancy. Both of the setups are playable -- but for different string gauges and different people. steve davis - Posted - 07/24/2012:  15:24:30. .018-.020 relief measured above the 7th fret, 6.  strings  .095, .020, .013, .011, .095. I spend a lot of time talking to people, and fishing details out of them, that they don't even realize they know. I'm trying to diagram this and illustrate it, which is very difficult because the increments are miniscule, so these numbers are very helpful. Of course, if you have a backbow or a twist, forget it. If you scroll down to the bottom of the set-up sequence, they have a list. Start by removing one string from the groove in the banjo nut and begin running a small file through the groove at a right angle to the tilted head stock of the banjo. Begin by taking accurate measurements of the fret height on your banjo neck. 6.  check action at 22nd fret -- should be 5/32 or very slightly less. I am having alot of tuning problems and intonation problems when I capo and start fretting strings. (6) any other critical measurements determining standard action. At the base of the peghead you will find the “nut”, a small piece of ebony/plastic that has slots in it for the banjo strings. I have on occasion, had instruments go out of my shop, that would almost be unplayable for me...but it's not about me me...it was for a person who needed it that way, to be playable for him. Once measured, a set of feeler gauges stacked to the proper height is placed on the fingerboard of the banjo neck directly behind the nut. Gene Warner repairman, steve davis - Posted - 07/24/2012:  12:25:52. steve davis - Posted - 07/16/2012:  18:58:23. Same nominal "action height" measurement at the 12th fret, but very different in effective action height. steve davis - Posted - 07/16/2012:  17:06:22, I try and do it all with 3 variables.Strings to 1st fret top @ .010Relief @ 7th fret .0155/8 bridge has 7/64 @ 12 and 1/8" @ 22Taller bridge choices will add slightly to the string clearances, kmwaters - Posted - 07/16/2012:  18:48:22. Herein lies the need for relief. I like how a pearl nut gives my open strings a more similar tone to the fretted notes. Hundreds of quality new and used banjos available. Have nut replaced by luthiers. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. That would be out of the galaxy for me, but there you go - someone is recommending that as a good height - different strokes for different folks. "Standard" and "preferred" may mean two different things for some.

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