And while the first expansion – Legacy of the First Blade – turned out to be a bit of a disappointment in some regards, expectations from The Fate of Atlantis were still high. Everything you’re seeing is part of the game’s rendition of Atlantis, or at least a simulation of the city of Atlantis as rendered by a member of the Isu First Civilization in order for the modern-day researcher Layla Hassan to learn to use the Staff of Hermes to something or other Assassin’s Creed. One disappointing main mission in the second episode; Present-day storyline continues to be the worst part of the series, made even worse by a protagonist that's hard to root for. This AC Odyssey Atlantis – Give The Water Or Destroy The Water. On top of that, she continues to make bad decisions, continues to react to them in the most jarring way possible, and continues to be unbelievably naive and poorly written (an assassin who, in one scene, very heatedly insists that she doesn’t kill people- seriously now?). Poniższy rozdział zawiera informacje o epilogu zadań związanych z Atlantydą. I really would have loved an Atlantis that looks like it was made as a city, not just a playground for climbing mechanics. I don’t know what Atlantis’ twists will be, aside for the hunt for Isu knowledge (gotta fill that meter) and something I stumbled on about a special weapons forge. "Visual design and artistic flair has always been a strength for this series, but each location in The Fate of Atlantis – especially Atlantis itself – represents this series at the peak of its powers. Po skompletowaniu wszystkich artefaktów w Assassin's Creed Odyssey, twoim zadaniem jest wrócić do Pitagorasa. At the end of your journey though, the unsurprisingly disappointing present-day storyline will have done very little to sour your overall experience, if anything at all, simply because of how little of it there is in the grand scheme of things, if nothing else. Not really! It also helps that you’ll be making some pretty tough choices every now and then- especially in the final chapter, Judgment of Atlantis, which presents some proper moral quandaries for you to mull over. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered vs Original Graphics Comparison – The Definitive Version? 66. And I get into a place where my diving light barely shows anything. In all of this Atlantis DLC, the developers have had a chance to indulge those players with more connections to the series lore, but had largely used the Isu in Elysium and Hades to simply tell stories about figures of Greek myth. Posted By Shubhankar Parijat | On 22nd, Jul. 2019 Under Article, Reviews. An extremely meaty package with a surprising amount of content; Mission design is varied and enjoyable; Doesn't suffer from bloat issues thanks to compact and dense locations; Each new location you visit is a visual marvel, especially Atlantis; Excellent art design; Thrilling new boss encounters; Interesting new content additions, like new enemy types and upgrades; A satisfying conclusion to Kassandra/Alexios' story. In Judgment, we’re in Atlantis and we’re dealing with an Isu who doubles as Poseidon, but we’re also being told that this is an actual city for the Isu, not some Greek realm of the afterlife. Rather than being littered with meaningless markers and a barrage of side activities, this compact size helps each location be densely packed with meaningful content that you can thoroughly enjoy. ". Doubtless it’ll unlock some stuff. Whether you’re just beelining through the critical path, or occasionally taking a break to tackle some of the side-quests, or just flat out making it a point to sync with every single synchronization points and clear out every enemy fort and encampment, Fate of Atlantis never feels too big for its own good. I’ve spent 20 minutes playing the new Judgment Of Atlantis add-on to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and already just as much time snapping pictures in photo mode. She hasn’t really done much in all the time she’s been around, and yet she never lets go of an opportunity to drop a groan-inducing one-liner. Elysium is a beautiful paradise with large, rolling fields covered in vibrant and colourful flowers, the Underworld is an imposing hellhole (literally) being choked in fire and poisonous fumes with ominous spires and pillars of smoke towering over the landscape, while Atlantis is a wondrous mixture of ancient and futuristic, with lovely water canals running through a city of pure white marble with sharp and angular architecture. 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