When you are looking at keyboards you will want to decide on exactly what kind of features you’re looking for in your instrument. I’ve been playing keyboards for over 20 years and this is the place that I love to share my knowledge. Chris Senner is a passionate keyboardist, songwriter & blogger from Milwaukee, WI. The Korg microKEY air 37 is a Bluetooth MIDI keyboard. If you’re a pianist then it might be a little weird at first since the keys aren’t weighted, however, it is easy to adapt to. The 37 key MIDI controller is nice because it is convenient, yet still allows you to play more than a 25 key one allows for. These are becoming more and more popular because they are wireless. If you’re a beginner, I recommend checking out my ultimate guide to the best MIDI keyboard for beginners before heading out. Tyler Joseph Keyboard Setup For twenty one pilots, Roland Ax-Edge Keytar Review – The Latest 80’s Revival, Best Fake Books For Piano – All Genres Of Music, Prepared Piano – A Complete Guide To This Technique, Best Ways To Learn To Play The Piano In 2020. The more software included, the better. These are becoming more and more popular because they are wireless. An ear for music is sure to be sparked with this beginner set! In the future, we are going to see a lot more of these types of instruments as you don’t have to plug them in with a USB cable. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Something went wrong. Required fields are marked *. Native Instruments has been making quality products since 1996. 31 product ratings - Roland JDXI Keyboard Synthesizer, 11 product ratings - Korg Micro Key Air 37 Key Bluetooth And USB MIDI Controller, 7 product ratings - Alesis Vortex Wireless 2 USB / MIDI Keytar Controller, 6 product ratings - Yamaha Reface CP 37-Key 6-Iconic Stage Keyboard Type Synthesizer Electric Piano. Multiple instrument settings, rhythms, and sounds make this keyboard and microphone combo perfect for performing tunes and getting children's creative juices flowing. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for KORG MicroKEY2-37 Bluetooth Midi Key… The Alesis Vortex Wireless 2 is technically a keytar, meaning you can wear it and play it like a guitar. View full review of the Keystep Pro here. These keyboards, in general, are lightweight so it shouldn’t be a problem finding one that is your preference. With this 37-key electronic keyboard, children can channel their inner Mozart and record it for all to hear and enjoy! Most modern controllers nowadays come with this so it’s not going to be a huge problem unless you buy an old controller. The Korg microKEY air 37 is a Bluetooth MIDI keyboard. I wanted to write this article as I feel like 37 key options are becoming more popular. The Icon ICOK is not exactly a huge name brand in MIDI controllers, but this is the one exception. The good thing is that all of the options we’re looking at are going to be super lightweight. This has 8 different drum pads for musicians looking to launch and trigger clips or tracks. Your Source for MIDI Controllers, Digital Pianos, and Keyboards, Top 37 Key MIDI Keyboards – A Quick Glance, Things To Look For In A 37 Key MIDI Keyboard Controller, IK Multimedia iRig Keys Pro full-sized 37-key MIDI controller, Korg microKEY air 37 – Key Bluetooth and USB MIDI Controller. This is nice because those are two of the major DAW’s that musicians tend to use. If you are using your device to tour with and launch different clips and tracks, you will want a one with pads on it. However, this thing plays great for a MIDI controller and it has some of the best MIDI technology in a controller today since it’s brand new.

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